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Majors Programs for Adult Undergraduates Minors and Certificate Programs

A minimum of ten semester courses in one department is usually prescribed for the major. The course requirements are outlined by each department. All programs require that students successfully pass a form of outcomes assessment in the senior year.

Majors are offered in the following fields:

The Following Programs Are Offered in Adult Student Friendly Formats:

Combination of Evening/Online Courses:

  • Business
  • Psychology

Combination of Day/Evening and Online courses:


Students who wish to may group a set of elective courses as a minor. Minors are noted on students’ transcripts as a way of recognizing that they have, over and above their required major program, also concentrated to a lesser degree in one or more other areas. A minor is constituted by a group of courses (determined by each department) amounting to at least 18 credits in one of the following:

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are valuable options for students who want a competitive edge in their careers. Certificate Programs may be taken by both matriculating and non-matriculating (non-degree) students. At least one-half of the credits for a certificate must be taken at Caldwell University.