Residence Life Resources

Housing Policies

Billing and Rates

Information about billing

All residential students receive their bills during the first week of July. Although Residence Life does not have access to a student bill, the assignment process triggers the proper rates to be assigned to a student’s account. Typically, if a change is made it can take up to 72 hours to reflect on an account. An assignment would include the housing charge (based on room) and meal plan charge.  Each student is required to have a meal plan and it is automatically applied. Each year, housing rates do increase according to standard practices. This increase is typically between 3-5% and are published each year in July. Current range of rates for 2019-2020 are listed below by semester: 

  • Mother Joseph Residence Hall: $3,156.00-3,631.00
  • Rosary Hall: $3,914.00-5,088.00
  • Dominican Hall: $4,661.00-5,655.00

Continuous Dining Meal Plan: $2,950.00
5 Meal Plan (apartment residents only): $625.00

Assignment dates 

Assignments for incoming residents are processed during the month of June and provided to students during the 2nd week of July via Caldwell University Email address. For returning residents who went through the room selection process, the student receives their assignment when they pick their room in April of each year. After that, a student receives move in instructions in late July of each year that contains, instructions and their room assignment for reference. 

Please note due to construction, gender rations, and cancellations, room assignments may change.  We ask students to check the residence portal for updated information and to refer to move in instruction emails sent in late July of each year. 


Housing Cancellations & Refund Policy


Contract Cancellation: Residents of the fall semester that are enrolled in classes for the following spring semester are required to remain in residence.  Occupancy commences upon issuance of the room key to the student. If, after submitting the Returning Student Housing Application and non-refundable $200 deposit, a resident student requests to cancel the housing contract he/she is to submit in writing to the Assistant Dean of Residence Life a withdrawal intent or fill out the Resident Life Withdrawal each semester when it is furnished to residents. Moving out and returning keys without proper approval, does not relieve the resident student from sums due under the terms of the contract. The date that the Residence Life Office receives the completed cancellation request determines compliance with the cancellation and refund schedule.  The deadline to request a fall semester cancellation is July 1st and does incur a fee of $350.00.  For the Spring semester, a student must fill out the Residence Life withdrawal form by the deadline advertised and will also incur a fee of $350.00. The reasons for cancellation include the following:

  •                     Financial Constraint                    
  •                     Academic Internship/Co-Op/Student Teaching
  •                     Medical Exemption
  •                     Withdrawal from the University
  •                     Other

The Office of Residence Life will assess a $350 cancellation fee for all those who are approved to cancel their housing contract with the exception of graduating seniors. If a cancellation form is approved, prepaid funds shall be refunded to the student according to the Caldwell University Refund Schedule and students will have 48 hours to vacate the space. Meal plan will not be refunded.

  • Within the first week of occupancy – 80%
  • Within the second week of occupancy – 60%
  • Within the third week of occupancy – 40%
  • Within the fourth week of occupancy – 25%
  • After four weeks of occupancy – No refund

Sending your resident a package

For Mother Joseph: 

Student Name
11 Ryerson Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 07006

For Dominican Hall & Rosary Hall: 

Student Name
12 Ryerson Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 07006

Important Offices on Campus

    • CARES (Bursar, FA, Advising, Registrar), Aquinas Hall room 104
      • 973-618-3800
    • Student Life Office, 2nd floor alumni theater
      • 973-618-3248
    • Student Engagement, 2nd floor alumni theater
      • 973-618-3484
    • Health Services, 2nd floor Newman Center, Wellness Center
      • 973-618-3319
    • Counseling Services, 2nd floor Newman Center, Wellness Center
      • 973-618-3307
    • International Student Services, 2nd floor alumni theater
      • 973-618-3519
    • Dining, Student Center Cafeteria
      • 973-618-3263
    • Campus Safety and Security, Veseglia Hall
      • 973-618-3291
    • Student Advocacy & Prevention Awareness, Wellness Center
      • 973-618-3907


Title IX Resources

Title IX Coordinator, Elizabeth Elices
Human Resources, 2nd floor Rosary Hall

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Tim Kessler-Cleary
Student Engagement, 2nd floor Alumni Theater