Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships for  Incoming Traditional Undergraduate Students

Presidential Scholarships * are generally awarded to full-time freshmen with outstanding high school achievement and SAT scores exceeding 1200 (math and verbal combined). Awards range from $20,000 to full tuition and are renewable each year for four years.

Caldwell Scholarships are generally awarded to full-time freshmen with excellent academic high school achievement and minimum SAT scores of 1000 (math and verbal combined) and High School grade point averages above 3.0. Awards range from $15,000 to $20,000 and are renewable each year for four years. Transfer students with cumulative grade point averages above 2.8 may receive scholarships ranging from $8,000-$20,000.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships are generally awarded to transfer students from community colleges who have earned the distinction of Phi Theta Kappa. Awards range up to $2,000 per year.

Recognition Awards are awarded to full-time freshmen and transfer students that demonstrate exceptional leadership skills or a high level commitment to extracurricular or community service activities. Awards range from $2,000 to $5,000 and are renewable each year for four years. You should submit an activity résumé with your admissions application highlighting your extra-curricular activities and leadership positions.

Nursing Grants are generally awarded to full-time freshmen with excellent academic high school achievement and minimum SAT scores of 1000 (math and verbal combined). Awards range from $5,000 to $20,000 and are renewable each year for four years.

Talent Scholarships are awarded to full-time students interested in studying art or music. Portfolio reviews or auditions are required. Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.

High School Achievement Awards are generally awarded to full-time freshmen at the time of acceptance and are based upon consistent high academic achievement during your high school career. These are annual awards and are renewable each academic year based upon continued successful academic progress.

Caldwell Grants are awarded to full-time freshmen and transfer students who submit a completed FAFSA and demonstrate financial need. Grants range from $1,000 to $12,000 and are reviewed annually based on your family’s financial need.

Caldwell Residential Grants are awarded annually to full-time undergraduate students based on demonstrated need. These grants are provided, on a limited basis, to assist students with room and board costs for on-campus housing only.

Athletic Grants are awarded to full-time students with exceptional athletic ability. Athletic awards vary and may be used for tuition and on-campus room and board.

Caldwell/NJ Stars Scholarships are available to full-time students transferring from one of New Jersey’s community colleges. You must complete your associate’s degree and meet all the requirements of the New Jersey Stars program at the time of your graduation to qualify. Scholarships range from $8,000 to full-tuition. This scholarship will take the form of an academic scholarship offered by the college.

*Incoming Presidential scholars are enrolled in our nationally recognized honors enrichment scholars program.

Scholarships available to returning students with established GPAs

Several Scholarships are available to returning Caldwell Students with established GPAs. These Scholarships are offered at various times during the year and are posted by the Office of Financial Aid. To find out when the scholarship applications are available, check the financial aid section of your portal and follow us on Twitter (@financialaid3) or like us on Facebook .

FAVA Scholarship:
Scholarship is open to Caldwell University Traditional students with financial need determined by filing the FAFSA application with the Office of Financial Aid. The student must have an established 2.5 GPA or higher and be enrolled as a fulltime student. The student will also need to be actively involved with campus activities and be willing to donate to the FAVA scholarship fund as an alumnus of Caldwell University.  

Friends of Caldwell University Scholarship:

Scholarship is awarded to full-time Traditional Caldwell University Undergraduate Students with outstanding academic achievement and exemplary service to the college community.
Alumni Shore Chapter Scholarship
This scholarship is available to full-time Traditional Caldwell University Seniors.

Please stop by during office hours and a staff member will be happy to help. You may contact Joanne Miller at or 973-618-3693 for further details.

Scholarships, grants and discounts for Graduate students and Continuing Education (Adult) Undergraduate students

Remissions as of Fall 2013
2nd Graduate
Eligibility requirements, Proof must be submitted to the bursars office for discounts
ABA Graduate Assistantship100% up to 9 credits per YRScholarship assigned to a student from ABA department chairs, It can be for either the 1st or 2nd graduate degree.
Alumni Remission25%10%15%Tuition Remission is extended to students who have earned a degree from Caldwell University and are pursuing another degree or certificate, the discount is applied by division not by class. The discount only applies to those with a Caldwell University Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree.
Degree to Degree- Eligible
Degree to Certificate- Eligible
Certificate to Degree-Not Eligible
Certificate to Certificate -Not Eligible
Archdiocese Discount20%25%XTuition remission is extended to students working or volunteering for the Archdiocese of Newark - Only for adult undergraduate theology majors and graduate pastoral ministry majors.
Associates Degree with 2.75 GPA15%XXAdult undergraduate students who graduate with an associate’s degree and a cumulative GPA above a 2.75 (A.A OR A.S)
Caldwell- Family/Sibling Discount10%10%10%Tuition discount for students whose spouse, child or sibling are concurrently enrolled at Caldwell University as a Fulltime Traditional Undergraduate. This can be applied to the undergraduate or graduate student.
Caldwell FT Employee Dependent, TR100%XXTuition remission for dependents of fulltime employees of Caldwell University
Caldwell FT Employee Spouse, TR100%XXTuition remission for spouse of fulltime employees of Caldwell University
Caldwell FT Employee, TR100%100%XTuition remission for fulltime employee of Caldwell University.
Caldwell PT Employee. TR50%50%XTuition remission for part-time employees of Caldwell University.
Dependents and spouse of part-time employees do not qualify
College of Independent College- Tuition Exchange (CIC/TE), TR100%XXCollege of Independent College Tuition Exchange program.
Criminal Justice Discount25%25%25%Tuition discount for adult undergraduate and graduate students working as a paid police officer, firefighter or EMT
Dominican Sister- Caldwell100%100%XTuition remissions for Caldwell Dominican sisters
Dominican Sister Niece/Nephew50%XXTuition discount for fulltime traditional undergraduate students with direct Caldwell Dominican sister relationship (i.e. Sisters/ Brothers/ Nieces/ Nephews, Grandnieces/Grandnephews)
Dominican Sister-Non Caldwell50%XXTuition remission for non-Caldwell Dominican sisters
Essex County Discount10%XXTuition discount for new adult undergraduate students starting Fall of 2013 and beyond, residing in Essex County.
Graduate AssistantshipX100% up to 6 credits a semesterXAssistantship assigned to a student from individual department chairs, the work the student is doing must be relevant to their studies.
Mount Saint Dominic Remission10%xXTuition discount extended to students who have graduated from Mount Saint Dominic Academy or who are dependents of a fulltime employee of Mount Saint Dominic Academy
Parish Volunteer Discount20%20%XTuition discount for adult undergraduate students who are at least part-time volunteers (min-10 hours a week) at a parish enrolled as a fulltime adult undergraduate (12 credits or more) or graduate (9 credits or more) student at Caldwell University.
Parochial Teacher25%25%X Tuition discount for fulltime teachers, principals, nurses, librarians whose positions require state certification at a catholic school.
Phi Theta Kappa- Adult Undergraduate25%XXTuition discount for adult undergraduate students who have reached the distinguished honor from a Community College.
Project Excel- High School Students67%XXReduced rate for those students taking Caldwell University classes while still enrolled in High School.
Religious Discount25%25%XAdult undergraduates or graduates who are members of religious orders other than Dominican, who are matriculating and are actively involved in the work of pastoral ministry on a paid or volunteer basis in a church related institution.
Senior Citizen Discount67%XXTuition discount for students over the age of 62 pursuing their first undergraduate degree from Caldwell University.
Teacher Cohort DiscountX25%XTuition discount for teachers in the off-site education cohort programs taking graduate coursework
VA CH33 Non Yellow Ribbon- Determined by FA VA rep25%25%25%Tuition discount awarded to students who are not 100% Post 9/11 eligible.

Students that qualify for multiple discounts will receive the largest discount, if the student is also eligible for institutional money the combination of the discount and institutional monies cannot exceed the Cost of Tuition

Remissions labeled TR must apply through Human Resources.

Payment options available include:

  • Three-Payment Option:
    During the fall and spring semesters, students may pay their tuition in three installments. Students need only pay one-third of their tuition up-front. The three payment option is available to all students.
  • Tuition Reimbursement:
    Many companies offer tuition reimbursement assistance to their employees. Students should ask their Human Resource Department if their employer offers tuition reimbursement assistance