Your Academic Advisor

The Caldwell community is made up of students who follow a variety of paths to achieve their Caldwell Degree. In order to ensure that students make appropriate progress towards their degree, all Traditional Undergraduate Students and Transfer Students must meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss their academic plans. These students will have a registration hold on their account requiring that they meet with their Faculty Advisor prior to registration.

Online students: You are advised by one of our Academic Advisors in the Center for Student Success. As an online student, you will receive the same advising, attention, and guidance as a student who is physically on campus. The Academic Advisors are accessible in a multitude of ways and are a reference point for all of your questions and concerns. They will serve as your main support system and are here to set you up for success!

Meet the professional Academic Advisors in the Center for Student Success:

 Roxanne M. Knott-KuczborskiHi my name is Roxanne M. Knott-Kuczborski, M.A. I am a Senior Academic Advisor for the Center for Student Success. As an alumna of Caldwell University (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies), my love for the College is deep.  Along with being an advisor, I am an active participant in our campus life.  I co-chair the Beautification Committee, I am president of the Staff Association, a member of the Alum  ni Board, I am advisor to the Lifelong Learning Institute (for people in their 60s and 70s). Along with my colleagues from the Academic Success Center, I present and prepare an Academic Workshop series for all students, I will chaperone a dance, advise a club, and when time permits go to a game, a concert, lecture, or poetry slam. I encourage you to enjoy campus life whenever possible—bring friends and family to a game or concert (just show your ID and it’s free).  I believe that Advising is a joint process. Together, we develop a plan to assist you in achieving your goal(s). I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to be there with you at the beginning of your Caldwell University experience and to be there to applaud when your name is called on graduation day.

Email:             Phone: 973-618-3532
Hours : Monday & Wednesday 11am-7pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

Sister Michael Maurice LeahyGreetings!  My name is Sister Michael Maurice Leahy, O.P. (known as Sister Michael) and I am a member of the Sisters of Saint Dominic who founded Caldwell University in 1939.  Graduating from Caldwell with a double major in English and History with Teacher Certification, I went on for my Masters in Special Education at Seton Hall.  During my 30 years here at the College I have taught in the Education Department, been Director of Residence Life/Dean of Students, Assistant Registrar and now work in the Center for Student  Success.  My current position involves providing academic advice to adult students like you who have family and work responsibilities while pursuing further college study.  I also assist students in earning graduation credits through skills and knowledge gained through work experience by taking a Standardized Exam.  Welcome.

Phone: 973-618-3428
Hours –Monday, Thursday and Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 11am-7pm

 Michelle PerezWelcome! My name is Michelle Perez and I am an Academic Advisor in the Center for Student Success. I work with two very different populations. I advise traditional freshmen and sophomore Nursing students. I also advise adult students, a large population of my adult advisees are in our online degree programs. I have my Master’s from Montclair State University in Counseling in Higher Education. Prior to working at Caldwell I worked at Bloomfield College for four years as an Academic Advisor where I worked with traditional students in all class levels. My love for this institution and the students run deep. My goal is to build a bond with my students that will help me better understand the needs and goals of each individual student that I meet with.  This helps me provide the best support and resources to my students. I look forward to working with you.

Phone: 973-618-3339
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Thursday 11am-7pm.