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About the Mueller Art Gallery


The recently dedicated Mueller Art Gallery is the centerpiece of visual culture for faculty, staff and students at Caldwell University and the surrounding community. Three to four exhibitions are presented each year in a wide variety of works in all media from both nationally and regionally recognized artists. It is also the proving grounds for B.A. and B.F.A candidates in the Art Department. The Mueller gallery is a beautifully renovated space in the heart of the Student Center building. It was first opened in the Fall 2017, and named to honor Sr. Gerardine Mueller.

The primary goal of exhibition content is education. Work by contemporary artists as well as historical and cultural art and artifacts are featured together with panel discussions to examine the exhibition’s purpose. Frequently featured subjects engage discussion on current issues in the arts or address key aspects of the University’s current curricula. This format not only highlights the concerns presented in the artwork, but broadens individual viewpoints by emphasizing the relevancy of visual art to both students and the community. In this way the gallery offers a wide range of visual media and exhibitions that serve a broad audience.

Past exhibitions have included collections such as “Letterforms: The History of Type in Graphic Design” This exhibition, loaned by the Pratt Institute, coincided with the art department’s course on the History of Design. Earlier an exhibition titled, “Blessed Are The Artists: Spirituality, Religion In Contemporary Art”, brought together 20 artists from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds: American, Hispanic, Slavic, Chinese, Western European and West Indians cultures empower and articulate their work. Other exhibitions have celebrated works by art students from the Methany School and Hospital Arts Access Program which brings together severely disabled children and adults with professional artists. Using innovative tools and techniques these students now engage the art making process at higher levels.


Artists interested in submitting artwork or proposals for review may send materials (no more than 5mb) by email to:


Kendall Baker,
Director, Mueller Gallery
Caldwell University
120 Bloomfield Avenue
Caldwell, NJ 07006