B.S. in E-Sports Management

Caldwell University is offering a new Bachelor of Science degree in eSports Management to prepare students for careers in the popular electronic sports gaming industry with opportunities for employment in finance, marketing, event planning, operations and  entertainment.

The program is one of the first of its kind in the nation and is being offered within Caldwell’s School of Business and Computer Science.  “This is an exciting undergraduate program that will focus on the world of eSports from the business and sport side of the industry,” said Professor Virginia Rich, associate dean of the School of Business.  Courses will concentrate on digital marketing, esports management, entrepreneurial studies, event planning, operations, ethics, and the sociological impact of esports.  “This growing industry is in need of professionals with business acumen and we are happy that we will be able to provide students with an academic background focused on the esports marketplace,” said Rich.

Newzoo, a global provider of games and global analytics, estimates that the global eSports economy will reach $900 million in 2019, representing a 38% growth from 2018, with audience growth reaching 180 million in 2019.

The degree program is based in a Business School that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, ensuring rigorous academic curriculum and strong skills-based outcomes.

In fall 2019, Caldwell University is launched its first esports team.  In the spring 2019 semester, the university began offering an elective in esports within the Business School’s Sport Management major.

For information on the program, contact the Caldwell University Admissions Office at 973-618-3500 or admissions@caldwell.edu. Prospective students can apply to the program at www.caldwell.edu/applynow.

Major Requirement Statement of Outcomes Assessment

Requirements for a B.S. in E-Sports Management
DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core         49 credits
Major in E-Sports Management         60 credits
Open Electives         11 credits
Total      120  credits

BU 105      Contemporary Business (3)
BU 110      Business Communications (3)
BU 205      Principles of Economics 1 (3)*
BU 208      Introduction to International Business (3)
BU 210      Principles of Economics II (3)
BU 211      Accounting I (3)
BU 212      Accounting II (3)
CS 219      Business Spreadsheet Applications (3)
BU 221      Marketing (3)
BU 252      Introduction to E-Sports Management (3)
CS 285      Fundamentals of Management Information Systems (3)
BU 305     Introduction to Statistics
BU 307      Sociological Impact of E-Sports
BU 328      E-Sports Marketing and Branding(3)
BU 3xx      E-Sports Ethics (3)
BU 337      Principles of Finance (3)
BU 350      Legal Environment of Business I (3)
BU 420      Ethical Business Strategy (3)
BU 4xx      E-Sports Event Planning & Management (3)


BU 251      Introduction to Sport Management
PS 311       Psychology of Sport
PS 330       Psychology of Addiction
BU 347      Public Relations
SO 360      Sociology of Sport
BU 427      Digital Marketing
BU 460      Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
BU 487      Internship I

E-Sport Management majors are STRONGLY encouraged to take BU 487 Internship.

Students in the E-Sports Management program will evaluate the theoretical knowledge of E-Sports as a business and apply strategic initiatives and best practices with respect to industry trends, sociological and psychological impacts of E-Sports, ethics, marketing and branding, and event planning. In addition to the outcomes achieved in the Business Administration program, the E-Sports Management program will be assessed at multiple levels to evaluate both program level objectives and student learning outcomes. Outcomes will be assessed using both formative and summative assessments, through systematic analysis of coursework, course evaluations, student opinion reports, student surveys, alumni surveys, internship reports, internship employer evaluations, advisory board surveys, and the results of the capstone experience. The capstone course, “E-Sports Event Planning and Management,” integrates the competencies developed in the business foundational courses.