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B.S. in E-Sports Management

The  Bachelor of Science in eSports Management program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue professional careers in the growing field of eSports business and eSports event management. The business of eSports has dramatically altered the electronic gaming industry. eSports is a growing industry with opportunities in finance, marketing, advertising, and entertainment. eSports already is a multi-million-dollar industry that is anticipated to grow by huge margin in future. This degree program is based in an aCBSP-accredited business program and prepares students for careers in a business that is focused on electronic gaming.

Major Requirement Statement of Outcomes Assessment

Requirements for a B.S. in Sport Management
DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core         49 credits
Major in E-Sport Management         63 credits
Open Electives         8 credits
Total      120  credits

BU 105 Contemporary Business (3)
BU 110 Business Communications (3)
BU 205 Principles of Economics 1 (3)*
BU 208 Intro to International Business (3)
BU 210 Principles of Economics II (3)
BU 211 Accounting I (3)
BU 212 Accounting II (3)
CS 219 Business Spreadsheet Applications (3)
BU 221 Marketing (3)
BU 260 Principles of Management (3)
BU 252 Intro to eSports Management (3)
CS 285 Fundamentals of MIS (3)
BU 305 Introduction to Statistics
MA 207 Intro to Statistics (3)
BU 3xx(1) eSport Ethics (3)
BU 3xx(2) Sociological Impact of eSports
BU 337 Principles of Finance (3)
BU 350 Legal Environment of Business I (3)
BU 420 Ethical Business Strategy (General Business Capstone) (3)
BU 4xx eSports Marketing and Branding(3)
BU 4xx eSports Event Planning & Management (Capstone) (3)


BU 251 Intro to Sport Management
BU 347 Public Relations
BU 427 Digital Marketing
BU 460 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
BU 487 Internship I
PS 311 Psychology of Sport
PS 330 Psychology of Addiction
SO 360 Sociology of Sport

*BU 205 is counted as part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core.

E-Sport Management majors are STRONGLY port Management majors are strongly encouraged to take BU 487 Internship.

The  Bachelor of Science in E-Sports Management program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to pursue a diverse array of careers within the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to pursue a diverse array of careers within the amateur, collegiate, and professional eSports industry. Examples of job opportunities include statistician, analyst, coach, team manager/owner, tournament administrator, the tournament referee, the tournament host, content creator, industry journalist, online community social media manager, sales manager, partnerships manager, an agent. Career opportunities include production and broadcasting, eSports finance, eSports law, facilities, and operations management, human resources, eSports marketing, and public relations, and event coordination.