Registrar’s Office

Cheerful Caldwell University Graduates during graduation ceremony.The Registrar’s Office records academic progress of each student, in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and rules and policies established by the University. The office handles registering for courses, add/drop, withdrawal, transcripts, graduation, enrollment verification, and other items related to one’s academic record.

Registrar forms and Academic Catalogs can be found on the Caldwell Portal.

View our Course Offerings and Academic Calendar, the registration schedule can be found on Registration & More.

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Frequently asked questions:

Visiting Student Information

Enrolling as a Visiting Student
Those interested in taking undergraduate courses at Caldwell may complete a visiting student application and registration form. Visiting students can take up to 12 credits before having to apply to a matriculating program.

Those wishing to enroll in a graduate level course, as a Visiting Non-matriculated student, must formally apply for Visiting Non-matriculated admission through the Office of Graduate Admissions. Please contact Graduate Admissions at or 973.618.3408 for more information.

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Accessing Academic Record
Visiting Students can view grades on the Caldwell Portal. When a visiting student is no longer an “active student,” access to the portal will close down. If this occurs and you need a copy, you may complete a
Grade Report Request or order an Official Transcript. Please allow 3-5 days for processing.

Updating Personal Information

Change of Address
To update your personal information, such as address, log onto the Portal and select the “personal info” option next to your name. Head to the Biographical Info option to make changes. Address information will be updated within the week. If your address has not been updated within a week please email and state your name & student ID number.

Change of Name
A name change requires legal documentation. Acceptable forms are: a social security card, a birth certificate, or a court order stating your former and new name. Be sure to bring
original official documentation. Copies of a legal document cannot be accepted unless they have been attested.

Official & Unofficial Transcript

Official Transcript
Request an Official Transcript
. Select Caldwell University from the drop down and follow the on screen prompts. Additional information can be found on the order form after you have selected Caldwell University. Information will include: who can receive your transcripts, where can they be sent, processing times, fees; and options for including special documents.

We recommend opting to sign the paperless consent form when completing your order page. If you by-pass this option, you will be required to mail or fax a signed consent form to the National Student Clearinghouse before your order will be processed.

The Transcript Order Service is offered by the National Student Clearinghouse in cooperation with Caldwell University. For more information on the National Student Clearinghouse, please visit

Unofficial Transcript
Log into the Caldwell Portal to access your unofficial transcript. To reach this page, select the “Student” tab and click on the corresponding link labeled “Unofficial Transcript and Grade Report.” If you are a no longer a current student complete the Unofficial Transcript Request Form.

Note: An Unofficial copy of a transcript does not bear the Registrar’s signature or the University Seal, and it is not for official use. If you would like to order an Official transcript, please visit

Earn Credit by Examination

A student may earn a maximum of 30 credits by examination through a combination of the standardized examinations. Credits may only be awarded within the student’s first 60 credits at Caldwell University. Check with your Advisor prior to Registering for any exam to ensure credit will be applicable to your degree. Click here to view the Course Equivalencies.

Graduation Information

All students must file an Application for Graduation to obtain degree conferral and a diploma. Applications are available in the CARES Department, Aquinas Hall, room 104 and require the approval of your academic advisor/coordinator. 

Keep the following deadlines in mind when preparing for your final term:
December candidates are due by May 1. 
May candidates are due by November 1.
Summer candidates are due by February 1.
*Requests received beyond the deadlines listed above will be held until the next available conferral period.*

Students who wish to participate in Commencement must be eligible for graduation within that academic term. Commencement participants must be from the December prior, May of the current year, and Summer session A immediately following. Additional criteria must be satisfied for summer graduates to ensure eligibility to participate.

Already Applied? Check out our Commencement Tab for more information! 


Contact Us
Registrar: Aquinas Hall, Room 104 (located in C.A.R.E.S. Center)
Registrar: 973-618-3201   CARES: 973-618-3800   Email:

Office Hours:
Fall & Spring Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 PM.
Summer Hours: End of May through mid-August: Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30 PM.
*The Center offers select services after hours, please refer to the CARES Office hours for more information.