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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

The A-Z list of student clubs and organizations at Caldwell University.


This organization was established to expose students to opportunities in the accounting profession. The club sponsors trips to seminars and trade shows and invites speakers to discuss careers in accounting. All students are invited to join.

Advisor Ann Marie Callahan


The Art Club is open to anyone who wishes to explore his or her interest in art and culture. All are welcome to join in the good times, events, and trips. Being an art major is not required — the only prerequisites are a spirit of fun and a taste for adventure and new things.

Advisors Judith Croce , Jennifer Noonan


The purpose of BSU is to assist in uplifting the African American students on campus through academic excellence, perseverance, and struggle; to enlighten others about the contributions that African Americans have made in the past and present; and to encourage awareness of the positive impacts African Americans will have in the future. Membership is open to all students at Caldwell University who subscribe to the purposes of the BSU.

Advisor – TBD


The primary role of our cheerleading program is to support intercollegiate athletics and promote school spirit. At home and at championship basketball games, the cheerleaders motivate the crowd and cheer for the Cougars.

Coach – Aimee Demarest


The Caldwell University Student Nurse Association was created to support students in the undergraduate nursing program by promoting communication between the students, faculty, and administration. In addition, the CUSNA aids in the development of the whole person and his or her professional role(s) and brings awareness to the need for health care of individuals in all walks of life. The goal of the CUSNA is to maximize the academic success and personal growth of nursing students, as well as serve as a resource for pre-nursing students. Membership in CUSNA is open to teachers. The purpose of CCEA is threefold: 1. To provide opportunities for professional growth in the career of teaching; 2. To foster a closer bonding among students with the intention of entering the teaching profession; 3. To encourage interchange with student associations related to teaching at other colleges and universities. Students in this club will also become members of the Student NJ Education Association(NJEA).

Advisor Marnie Sperling


Class Representatives are the elected officials for each of the University’s classes. They attend all regularly scheduled meetings for their respective classes, as well as call emergency meetings that may be needed during the year. The class representatives serve as delegates for their classes at all SGA legislative meetings, handle all financial affairs of their classes, and notify their classes of upcoming meetings and important events.

Advisor – Tim Kessler-Cleary


The Criminal Justice Club at Caldwell University offers students the opportunity to learn about advancements in the field of criminal justice. The club sponsors field excursions, guest speakers, and social events. All interested students are welcome to join.

Advisor Randy Grinc


The primary roles of Dance Club are to teach students about and to enjoy the pleasures of dance. Members of the group share their interests in and passion for all forms of dance. This club is open to all students, regardless of dance experience or ability.

Advisor – TBA


The EPO Club provides an environment to promote and support women in business and professions, encourage member networking inside and outside of Caldwell University, and develop leadership skills and business acumen. The EPO Club is open to all majors and genders.

Advisors –  Professor Virginia Rich Michelle Stauss


Le Club Français, also known as The French Club, was established to promote interest in the culture of French-speaking countries and in the French language. Activities include watching French movies and outings to French restaurants or cafes, as well as trips to New York City for relevant art exhibitions, concerts, or lectures. All students are welcome to join.

Advisor Isabelle Genest


The purpose of the International Business Club (IBC) is to help promote an awareness of international business. As this aspect of business becomes more important in an age of “globalization,” the IBC was formed to promote interest in this growing field. Through the club, students can express their own international identity and are encouraged to learn about international business through special visitors and activities. Students seeking a basic understanding of world economies, politics, and cultures will benefit greatly from membership in this club.

Advisor –  Dr. Bernard O’Rourke


The purpose of the International Student Organization is to foster and promote cross-cultural understanding and friendships on campus through educational and social events and activities. Membership is open to all international students.

Advisor –  Maulin Joshi


The club is open to all Caldwell University students who are interested in the exploration of both the Italian and Italian-American culture. The club’s focus will be to foster an understanding and appreciation of the cultures through a series of activities, educational and social gatherings, trips, and collaborations.

Advisors –  Roxanne Knott-Kuczborski


The purpose of this club is to bring together students who are studying the field of marketing. It will provide opportunities for students to hone their marketing skills conducting various activities and even students meet with professionals in the field of marketing, as well promote relationships with other students in the same field to build strong networks for later on in life.

Advisor –  Dr. Tom Keen


The purpose of the Martial Arts Club is to instruct students in the martial art of Goju-Ryu Karate. Goju-Ryu puts its emphasis, in a traditional sense, in first building a good martial arts foundation, and then developing one’s repertoire of martial arts skills, by utilizing self-defense techniques from all styles and ranges of the martial arts. This method helps the practitioner to attain a sense of physical security, while developing character and increasing one’s knowledge of Martial Arts training, philosophy, and history.

Advisor –  Dr. Rosann Bar


Music Educators Club, or MEC, is the student run music club at Caldwell University. The purpose of this organization is to make available to its members the opportunity for professional development, to acquaint students with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession, to assist Caldwell University in various projects and events throughout the year, and to provide an opportunity to have contact with collegiate members from other schools. As a club, MEC also sponsors trips to musical performances as well as educational workshops. MEC is open to all students who are interested in education and share a love of music.

Advisor –  Rebecca Vega


The purpose of the Psychology Club is to serve as a means of national recognition of the student’s early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement. This club will also provide opportunities to become acquainted with and involved with the larger field of psychology and provide a forum for developing one’s perspective about the psychology field. The psychology club will also look to enhance leadership skills, encourage research, provide greater opportunities for student/faculty interaction outside the classroom, and benefit the campus and community through programs and service. This club is open to all students.

Advisor –  Karla Batres


The Residence Council is an excellent opportunity for students to be heard, voice opinions and help with student governance. In addition, the council also provides social and educational programs for the student body. Students that may express interest in becoming an RA are encouraged to participate in Residence Council.

Advisor – Crystal Lopez


The Economics & Political Science Club encourages and stimulates club members to discuss and debate over current issues and understand the core reasons of these issues with the help of economic and political analysis.

Advisor –  Dr.Domenic Maffei


The purpose of SGA is to maintain a close cooperation between the SGA and fellow students while fostering a strong relationship with faculty and administration. To promote personal responsibility and a high sense of honor and loyalty in the individual and to assist in the management of non-academic matters concerning the conduct of students.

Visit the Caldwell University SGA website!

Advisor –  Tim Kessler-Cleary