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Caldwell, NJ, June 28, 2017 –

Program for Incoming Freshmen Flyer

Incoming freshmen are invited to apply to take part in a two-day faith immersion program before the start of the fall semester.  The program, “FIRST”, which stands for Freshmen Immersion into Reflection, Service, and Tradition, will be offered Thursday and Friday August 24 and 25.

Colleen O’Brien, director of campus ministry, says FIRST is an introduction to aspects of faith reflection, service, and the rich Catholic Dominican tradition that underpins the foundation of Caldwell University.

O’Brien says heading off to college can be an exciting time but it can also be filled with fear and anxiety.  This will give students a chance to reflect on how they can make the most of their college experience.  “Students are asking themselves questions like ‘Who will I meet? Will I make friends? How difficult will my classes be?’ With FIRST we want to help lessen a little of that worry and let them know that they are bringing unique gifts to share with our Caldwell community,” said O’Brien.

Fifteen students will be selected for the program. The cost will be $25 for each student for the two days, which includes food, transportation, and a T-shirt.

Resident students participating in FIRST will move in Thursday August 24. Commuter students participating in FIRST will check-in by 4 p.m. on Thursday August 24 and commute back and forth to the program. The forum will begin with a prayer service at 5 p.m. for the FIRST student participants and their families. After the prayer service, families will depart and the program will begin with dinner.

If interested in applying or finding out more, please contact Colleen O’Brien in Campus Ministry at or 973-618-3660.