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Caldwell University Alumni Association

Caldwell University Alumni board members group photo outside a Hall.
Caldwell University Board of members group photo in gazebo.


The Caldwell University Alumni Association is a dynamic organization dedicated to fostering opportunities, relationships and networks for all alumni that will allow them to cultivate an ongoing regard for each other, the University, and the values it represents. We do this in the spirit of thanks, pride and commitment.


The Caldwell University Alumnae Association was established in 1943 (changed to Alumni Association in 1986 when the University became co-educational), and Betty Glenn Matuszak ’43 served as the first president. The Association developed and displayed a tradition of service under the guidance and innovative thinking of Sister M. Joanna Tracy, O.P., who served as moderator for over thirty years.

In 2013, Caldwell University students started the first Caldwell University Student Alumni Association, dedicated to fostering relationships between students and alumni as a means to engage students in the values and mission of the Alumni Association from the moment they step foot on campus.


All graduates of Caldwell University become proud members of the current Alumni Association.


The Caldwell University Alumni Association stimulates academic and personal enrichment and provides social and financial opportunities for alumni and their families with the intention of creating an ongoing alumni presence on and off campus.