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Thesis Title: Hai

A.I. will be a machine that will become part of our daily life. At the rate we’re going, it will happen sooner than expected. Some may fight against it, but soon, most will accept this change.

Imagine a future where A.I. will become our friends, family, and even our caregivers once we as people grow old and immobile. They feed us, help us with our chores and listen whether it’s physical or emotional pain that the owner of this A.I. is going through.

With the rise of technology, marketing and advertising a man-made product was the best way to show my abilities. Especially when it came to applying my graphic design skills to show how much I have improved in these 5 years.

This representation of my idea was hard, as it was spent trashing ideas, restarting from scratch for the seventh time, and sleepless nights. When it came to sci-fi, robots, and machinery I was always surrounded by this topic. Whether it was a movie, TV show, or even a toy, it was always some form of a walking machine that can communicate.

This was hard, to the point where I questioned why I did all of this. Why did I choose this major? Where is my sleep schedule? Even though it was difficult, no matter how hard it got I kept going not because I did it for myself but because I had the support of my friends and family supporting me all the way through..