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Sophomore Challenge

Anamika Sharma Paudel – “The Girl from the Other Side of the World” (Video)
First Prize
Sister’s Choice Category

I believe pictures speak thousand words, so I prepared a video showcasing my journey at Caldwell University up to my sophomore year. I used the pictures of different wonderful events I was part, all the beautiful souls I met here, and my defining moments at Caldwell University. My video shows my story at Caldwell University.

I was deeply humbled to be chosen as the winner for sister’s favorite category. I want to thank everyone who made this possible for me; our tight-knit community, our loving sisters, our esteemed faculties and staff that worked hard to provide such amazing opportunities to us, the students.

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Luca Cacciottolo – “Goals” (Pen and Ink Drawing)
Second Prize
Sister’s Choice category

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Shweta Sapkota – “Caldwell: Home Away From Home” (Poem)
Third Prize
Sister’s Choice category

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Daisy Ogbonna- “Still Here” (Poem)
First Place
Fan Favorite category

My piece “Still Here” was inspired by the feelings that come with the sense of change in college. Seasons come and go, yet the often constant variable is our presence amidst all the change. One can interpret the repetition – “… I am still here” – as the speaker’s resignation in still being in the environment described, or the reader can perceive the tone as one of resilience and determination despite the recurring change. Because in reality, our college experience (the process we go through in learning about ourselves over the years) is one that can encompass both feelings.

It was wonderful to be voted as the winner; I enjoy poetry – particularly spoken word – because of the ability to express and share thoughts and emotions. It was comforting to know that my words were able to reach my readers, and resonate with them from the first stanza to the last.

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Nina-Rose Barcenas – “A Place I Cal(dwell) Home” (Poem)
Second Place
Fan favorite category

Caldwell has given me so many opportunities that I will be forever grateful for. Just like any college student there are struggles and hardships, but there are glory moments. I tried my best to really capture my experiences at Caldwell and try to relate to the feelings that every student goes through. I would like to thank those who voted for my poem and gave me the confidence to continue with writing and to keep going in life. I would also like to thank Caldwell for yet again another opportunity.

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Julianna Verso  – “Caldwell: Home Away From Home” (Essay)
Third Place
Fan favorite category

Winning third place for fan favorite in the Sophomore Challenge competition was such an honor for me! I had written an essay about my experiences at Caldwell University, which included details about the beauty of the campus, the many friends I have made that enhanced my experience here, the opportunities I have been given, and how I am active in various school activities. What was most rewarding about being awarded third place was that people were able to share in my perspective what Caldwell means to me.

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