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The Caldwell School of Education hosted a Principals’ Roundtable Dec. 2 for professionals from local schools and districts. Stone Gate Associates professionals Errol Brudner and Marcus De Pontes and adjunct lecturers in education at Caldwell presented updated information on school security. “They highlighted the unfortunate lessons we have learned from Columbine to Uvalde, Texas. Highlights included the latest best practices, technology and procedures that can be implemented for their school security plans,” said Joan Moriarty, interim dean of the School of Education.  

The principals interacted in person or virtually asking questions and sharing stories. “The almost two-hour presentation was well received and participants thought they were highly engaged and learned many new ideas and concepts that can be applied to their individual school setting,” said Moriarty.  Julianne Meletta, Ph.D. assistant professor in the School of Education and coordinator of the master’s in literacy instruction program,  said she continually learns new practices and techniques to share with her students.

The School of Education has hosted a Principals’ Roundtable on campus for more than ten years. Other topics related to schools have included social emotional health issues of students and New Jersey state testing procedures. Currently there are more than twenty local districts in the roundtable. Membership has no cost to the district and each  full-time faculty or staff member is entitled to a tuition discount.

Schools or districts is interested joining the Principals’ Roundtable should contact: Dr. Moriarty at

Marcus De Pontes
Marcus De Pontes
Errol Brudner
Errol Brudner