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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


1. What should I bring to campus? 
This list will give you an idea of all the things that will make your room/suite comfortable as well as all of the things you are not allowed to bring. Just remember something from home that reflects you and will make your room/suite feel like home.
Residents Checklist

2. Can I ship my belongings early?
Unfortunately because of limited space, we are unable to accept any packages prior to check-in. However, if you have ordered a Micro-Fridge unit, that will be delivered and in your room prior to move-in day.

3. What will Check-In Day be like?
You will be able to park your car in front of your residence hall to unload your belongings. The Residence Life Staff will provide you with a card to put your contact number in case Campus Safety will need you to move your car. We recommend that you bring your own hand truck or dolly. We are only able to provide a very limited supply. At the Check-In Table, you will meet the Residence Life staff who will help you get settled in.

4. Can freshmen have cars on campus?
Yes freshmen can have cars on campus. You must obtain a parking sticker from the Campus Safety Office located in the Student Center Building.

5. What if I don’t get along with my roommate?
Your Resident Assistant (RA) has been trained to mediate such conflicts, and thereby save you the time and effort involved in a room change. If these fail to resolve the problem, then we will try to accommodate a room change. Room changes occur during the first two weeks of each semester. Only in special circumstances will room changes be granted during other times of the year.

6. What happens if I get locked out of my room/suite or lose my keys?
An RA will let you into your room/suite and depending on the time of day, a fine will be charged. If you lose your key, you should report it immediately to the Residence Life Office. A fee of $85 will be placed on your account for a replacement key.

7. What is my mailing address?
The Mother Joseph Residence Hall mailing address is 11 Ryerson Avenue Caldwell, NJ 07006. Dominican Hall & Rosary Hall mailing address is 12 Ryerson Avenue Caldwell, NJ 07006. All residents may also use the Caldwell University address for their mail, 120 Bloomfield Avenue Caldwell, NJ 07006. This is also the address you would use for GPS purposes.

8. Who are the Resident Assistants and the Graduate Resident Directors?
Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper-class students who were selected because of their qualities of leadership, maturity, and ability to work with and relate to others to assist you in your time in Caldwell University. There are RAs on duty each evening and weekend in the residence halls. The Graduate Resident Directors (GRDs) supervise and assist the RAs in providing a smooth adjustment to college life while ensuring a safe, clean and comfortable living environment.

9. Are laundry facilities provided?
Yes, each residence hall is equipped with washers and dryers.

10. Do I need to move out during breaks?
No. You will not need to move out during breaks. No meals are provided during the breaks which include, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, Easter and Summer breaks.

11. What is the smoking policy in the residence halls?
Smoking is prohibited by law anywhere inside the residence halls. You must also be a minimum of 25 feet away from the residence halls if you do smoke.

12. Can I have a refrigerator?
Yes, the largest dimension we allow is 4 cubic feet, 34 inches high, 20 inches wide.

13. When will I know my housing assignment? 
Current resident students will find out their housing assignment prior to check-out in May. Incoming resident student will be notified via letter or email after July 1st.

14. Do I need to be a full time student to live in the residence hall? 
Yes. A traditional undergraduate and an adult undergraduate must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit courses and 9 credit courses as a graduate student. Exceptions to this policy may only be authorized by the Director of Residence Life, or by the Vice-President and Dean for Student Life.

15. How do I sign up for housing? 
Returning resident students have the opportunity to select their room/suite and roommates/suitemates for the next academic year by completing the Returning Student Housing Contract. The contracts are distributed to the returning resident students early in the spring semester. Incoming resident students will receive a housing contract once they have deposited with the Office of Admissions and indicated their desire to be a resident student. All housing contracts can also be found on the Caldwell University Residence Life website.

16. What are the visitation hours? 
Visitation hours are Monday – Thursday 11am – 1am; Friday and Saturday 11am – 2am.

17. Should I bring an extension cord?
Recent changes to New Jersey fire codes prohibit students from using extension cords in their residence hall rooms/suites. A power strip with surge protector may be used wherever an extension cord had previously been permitted, but extension cords or additional power strips may not be attached to any power strips with surge protectors plugged into a room’s electrical outlets.

18. How can my room be decorated? 
Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms within the guidelines of the University as outlined in the Caldwell University C-Book.

19. May I bring a pet to school?
No pets outside of fish are allowed in the residence halls. Fish tanks cannot exceed a maximum of 1 gallon.

20. May I bring my own furniture? 
No, the room/suite is fully furnished.

21. Are rooms inspected for damage?
Prior to check-in, RAs complete a Room Condition Report (RCR) for each room detailing the condition of the room/suite. You will have a chance to review the RCR and you and your RA will sign it indicating that you agree with the condition of the room recorded on the RCR. At check-out the RA and you will go over the condition of the room/suite and indicate the condition of the room. If there are any damages, the resident(s) of the room will be responsible for them and a bill will be sent.


Caldwell University – Making it your home away from home
Living on campus is a great way to meet people and get involved on campus. It’s a time when you learn how to balance getting all of your school work done yet still enjoying time with your friends and all the activities on campus. Below are some things that can help you make your home away from home more enjoyable.

Micro Fridge
If you are interested in having a Micro Fridge in your room, visit www.campusspec.com or call 1-800-525-7307. The Micro Fridge will be delivered to your room prior to you moving in, making it one less thing to pack and carry! Microwaves are not permitted in the room unless they are part of a Micro Fridge unit.

MicroFridge For Move-In Day

Linen Service Program
Linen Service Residence Life would like to introduce you to Residence Hall Linens – a convenient source for ordering all of your campus living needs. Residence Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens for several years to provide students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have everything you need for life in our residence halls. The Residence Hall Linens program has it all, from sheets and comforters to matching towels and storage items.

Proceeds from this program are used for programming in the residence halls. There’s free shipping on all Value Pak orders, and there are more than 20 color combinations available. Plus, linens are delivered to your home during the summer so for added convenience.