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Thesis Title: ARBA Coffee Company

Creating successful graphic design can at times be like starting a jigsaw puzzle without knowing the final picture. When first taking on a new project, I don’t know exactly how I will create each element, where they are going to go, or have any idea of how the finished piece will look in the end. Making something look so effortless takes a considerable amount of calculated pre-planning, research and a deep understanding of what small details make great visual design.

Establishing a mission and the direction for this exhibition was vital before considering any visual aspects or components. Reflecting on my work as a whole, the theme of female success and empowerment is present in several ‘passion projects’ of mine. The idea of creating a narrative while celebrating women from different backgrounds was something I wanted to explore more from previous projects.

Hebrew for the word ‘four’, the concept was to fuse personal experience with entrepreneurship through the founding of Arba. The values of sustainability, fair trade and female ownership were aspects that were to be kept at the core of the business and influenced every decision made. Color palettes, typography, compositions and imagery were carefully chosen to reflect the cultures and backgrounds of each woman and combined in ways that celebrated and supported their achievements and successes. Every element of the work was carefully selected with purpose and intent, even down to the names of the women which form the acronym that is the name of the company.

This exhibition is the most challenging puzzle I have ever solved, and like a puzzle I have felt the incredible frustration when I just can’t seem to work out where that one piece goes – and the incredible satisfaction of when it finally falls into place. It is intended that this exhibition is more than just a collection of ‘pretty images’ but a reflection of extensive research and planning combined with a deep consideration of layout, color, shape and negative space—all while keeping the purpose and meaning of the project at the forefront of my decision making.