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Raul Gonzalez
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Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Hometown: Paterson, New Jersey 

Raul Gonzalez received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology on May 21. President of the Caldwell University Student Government Association and active on campus, he was selected by his peers to deliver the student speech at the undergraduate commencement ceremony. In that address, he said it has become second nature for Caldwell students to care about giving back to the world while uplifting one another along the way. “From volunteering at Caldwell Day of Service, rubbing elbows while packing meals, to taking pride in our school’s history on Founder’s Day and learning about the ministry that shaped the lives of so many,” he said, Caldwell students value civic and service leadership. “In fact, this institution is a melting pot of various kinds of students who unquestionably will be the leaders of tomorrow.” He added, “We could not have done it without each other. To every ‘no,’ we answered, ‘Yes.’”

Raul Gonzalez and President Matthew Whelan
Raul Gonzalez and President Matthew Whelan

We asked Gonzalez to reflect on his university career at Caldwell.  

What’s next?

After graduating I plan to continue becoming a better version of myself through prayer, fitness, volunteer work and finding my passion in life. As a young person, I am still figuring out life, but I want to maintain a narrow focus on becoming a dental surgeon one day. 

How has Caldwell prepared you for your next steps?

Caldwell’s community of staff has truly been a hallmark in shaping who I am today. When I first started, I had a fruitful experience the summer before my freshman year in the Educational Opportunity Fund Program. I became involved in campus activities and began working closely with the Office of Student Engagement as a student leader, which taught me interpersonal skills and team communication/collaboration. 

Through Caldwell’s Campus Ministry program, I was able to reflect and become closer with my faith as well as learn about other individuals’ religions and outlooks. Every experience at Caldwell has enriched my skills and given me a solid foundation to continue becoming a better person. 

What are your career goals?

My career goals are in the medical field. I want to practice medicine as a dental surgeon.  

What has been the best part(s) of your experience as a student at Caldwell?

The best part of my experience at Caldwell has been making deep connections with professors and students. The relationships I have made are lifelong and are ones I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

Do you have a favorite spot on Caldwell’s campus?

My favorite place in the Caldwell campus is the Multicultural Lounge located in Aquinas Hall. Here is a hot spot for students to hang out and do homework. It is always a good time with good people there. 

Other Caldwell highlights?

I really appreciate being an orientation leader over the summer, because it is always great to be able to guide an incoming freshman in their transition into the University. It’s important to help people out that are in a situation you once used to be in and make their experience better.    

I just want to thank every peer, professor and faculty member who aided me in graduating college as I did not think I would even be able to attend college. I am eternally grateful and wish the best of luck to everyone in my class!