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CU Student Ana Gonzalez
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Class of 2022, Biology (Pre-Physical Therapy)

An image of Ana Gonzalez Martin

Hometown:  Toledo, Spain

How did you find Caldwell University?

Through the basketball coach.

What has been most beneficial for you in being a student at Caldwell University?

Caldwell University offers me the opportunity of playing the sport I love, basketball, while studying biology. One of the best aspects of Caldwell is its people. The diversity of the student body–coming from all over the world–has allowed me to open my mind to different cultures and ways of thinking.

 What do you tell others about Caldwell University? 

Caldwell University is a small and friendly school full of opportunities for both personal growth and career aspirations. The faculty shows they care about the well-being and success of the students. The Sisters of Saint Dominic also engage with the students. They share the Catholic values with us and they demonstrate how much they care about us by coming to our basketball games!

Main activities you have been involved in at Caldwell

I am part of the basketball team and I have participated in community service activities.  I am a Spanish tutor in the Academic Success Center and a student worker for the Alumni Office and for campus security. I have helped in admissions events and I love to be involved in many events that the university organizes such as going to NBA games, trips to Washington D.C., and diverse activities organized by Student Life.

What life lessons have you learned or are you learning through the pandemic?

The pandemic has been eye-opening for many of us. I have learned to value the small things in life. Being locked down at home has shown us that anything that we have in life–the job, our house, even time, is not worth it if we cannot share it with others.

Plans after graduation? 

I’m going to physical therapy school.

Fact about your life in your home country 

In my city, every year we celebrate “Corpus Christi” (Body of Christ). It is a festival where the old historical streets are decorated and thousands of people come to see a procession that brings the  “custodia,”  a work of art that represents the Body of Christ made of gold. The custodia leaves the cathedral and makes a tour of the city, followed by orders, guilds, brotherhoods, and different authorities. It is a beautiful event that represents Spanish tradition, religion, and culture!