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Katherine Llangari and Tiffany Polite-Hill at the Trenton State House while they were attending NEW Leadership™ New Jersey.

Caldwell, N.J., June 27, 2018 –   Recent alumnae Tiffany Polite-Hill and Katherine Llangari attended NEW Leadership™ New Jersey, a program of the Center for American Women and Politics, from June 7 to 12.

They were selected for the national nonpartisan program, which gives female college and university students the opportunity to meet successful women leaders, learn about women and politics, and participate in hands-on workshops to practice leadership skills.

Polite-Hill said it was “such an honor and privilege to be surrounded by powerful women.”  The women empowered each other with their words and their conversations, she said.

Llangari said that attending the program made her realize “it’s never too early or too late” for women to get involved in politics “because those women who came before us left the door open for us and we have to keep it that way for our future generations.”  It convinced her that the actions and interactions of women have an effect on policymaking in the U.S., “and for that reason, we have to be active within our communities,” said Llangari.

Among their activities, members of the group traveled to the state capital in Trenton and met former New Jersey State Senator Diane B. Allen.

Caldwell’s involvement in the program was arranged by Dr. Domenic Maffei, chair of the Department of History and Political Science.  Dr. Thomson Ling, associate dean of the School of Psychology and Counseling, attended the program’s networking event.

Polite-Hill and Llangari received their Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science at commencement May 20. In the fall, Llangari will begin her studies at the University of New Hampshire Law School and Polite-Hill will be attending graduate school for Public Administration at Kean University.