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Complications sometimes require simplification. At least, that is what I tell myself when I encounter complicated situations. Although geometric shapes can be simple on their own, they can become a bigger picture once put together. Perfectly geometric shapes are most often man-made and not often found in the natural world. In that way, I feel like geometric shapes can induce some ideals of perfection in their presentation.

When I studied art history, I remember learning about the stained glass windows that decorate the Notre Dame cathedral. I find these windows to be absolutely enticing with the way they are narrating a story simply through geometric shapes and colors. I am intrigued by the way these stained glass windows were able to depict a story with only these simple design elements. Shape, line, color are deceivingly simple elements on their own, but can create their own narrative depending on the way they are put together. Through the combination of distinct geometric shapes and colors, I want to create art pieces that mimic the eye-catching beauty of stained glass windows as well as emphasize their fragility. While these geometric shapes can be broken apart, they can also be put back together in a way that informs a completely different story.