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A picture of NJEA President and Caldwell University's
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Caldwell, NJ., Nov. 19- NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer visited Caldwell University to speak to education students on Nov. 18.

Steinhauer shared his experience as a teacher and gave students professional advice on: how to stand out in an interview, the importance of being qualified in many areas and having multiple certifications, the value of understanding the community one is working in, and the positives of being involved and taking leadership roles. The event was sponsored by the Caldwell University Education Association, the student club.

“This event was a wonderful opportunity for our students to hear about the professional standards of the NJEA members and their passion for their profession. Wendell Steinhauer shared his love and commitment for the teachers and students of New Jersey,” said Joan H. Moriarty Ed.D., interim associate dean of Caldwell University’s education division.