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Name – Shanan Babu Choondassery ‘22

Major – Computer Information Systems and Public Health Education

Hometown  – Kerala, India

How did you find Caldwell University?

After my high school in India, I was planning to do studies abroad and I came across many colleges in many countries. That’s when I found Caldwell University through my uncle, who is a professor here in CU in the Theology department. I searched about CU and all the reviews and everything was so pleasing and I decided to apply. The staff here explained every single detail thoroughly and then it became easier to go forward with the application process. 

What has been most beneficial for you in being a student at Caldwell University? 

The scholarship provided by CU is unbelievable. As I said, I applied to many colleges in many countries as well as in many states in the U.S. but the scholarship that CU offered for me was something that I didn’t expect  and it is really beneficial for international students like me. Also, the university provides job and internships fairs to students so it becomes easier to get connected with the companies and persons.

What do you tell others about Caldwell University?  

I always encourage people here as well as in India to join Caldwell University. I was the first person from my high school batch to pursue a bachelor’s in the U.S., so there were a lot of inquiries from my schoolmates. When I told them about all the application procedures, scholarships and courses that CU offers, everyone was so surprised and many of them had even begun the application process.

What life lessons have you learned or are you learning through the pandemic? 

I have learned many things during this pandemic. The very important one is that no matter what, this university will always be there for students. When the university was closed after spring break, I literally had no place to go.  I talked with reslife and they allowed me to stay here as long as I wanted. They provided food and always made sure that we were doing well and were safe. Many of the professors were constantly checking on us and made sure that we were not alone in this. All of the kindness from the CU staff made me and my family really happy.

Plans after graduation?  

After my bachelor’s I am planning to go back to India and help my father in his business but I would like to work only for two years and then I need to do my master’s here at CU. I will also try to find a job in the U.S.  during my senior year. I would like to work in an IT company or in the healthcare industry. I will try my best to get into any of these fields.

Factoid or fun fact  about your life in your home country

I am kind of good at dancing to rock music. When I was back in my home country whenever there was a family or school function, my friends and I would dance together.  It was actually fun. I never learned rock dance by going to an academy or class; it was somewhere in my blood. My first dance was in preschool and I still remember my teachers and friends coming to me and saying that I danced so well. That’s when it all started. I even sing a little bit.