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Caldwell, NJ – March, 12, 2013 – More than 70 students attended the second annual Caldwell University Student Government Association Spring Retreat on March 9. Motivational speakers included: Interim Vice President for Student Life Dr. Laura Bayless on “What it Means to be a Leader”; Music Professor Rebecca Vega on “Time Management”; Communications Professor Robert Mann on “Communication 101”; Student Activities Director Tim Kessler-Cleary on “Taking the road less travelled, although it won’t be easy;” and Business Professor Dr. Lori Harris-Ransom on “YOLO-WTF”, which stands for you “You Only Live Once” and you need to know “Who To Follow”.

SGA President David Reeth said the students learned so much from each other and the speakers and they had a great time. “Leaders were born on Saturday,” he said.