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Mariam Hosseini CU Health administration student
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The Caldwell University Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program prepares students to work on the business and management side of the dynamic healthcare industry.  President of the Healthcare Administration club Gabrielle Oliveira ‘22 interviewed students in the major about their experiences including their internships and the support of their professors.  She shares the students’ stories including her own.  

Mariam Hosseini HCA ‘24

Mariam Hosseini CU Health administration student

Mariam Hosseini is a sophomore Healthcare Administration major here at Caldwell University. Even though she is in her second year in college, she feels like she still has much to learn in order to grow as a student. 

In order to gain more experience, Mariam says she plans on getting an internship. “Having an internship helps students put your education into practice! Leadership skills are developed as well.” Most importantly, she says it gives students a competitive advantage as they pursue a permanent position. 

Mariam is the founder of the Muslim Student Association. “I’m very proud of this club because I started it in my second year of college! I had the opportunity to meet fellow Muslim students on campus. Also, it has given me the chance to make more friends at Caldwell University.” 

Mariam’s goals are to graduate with her bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration. She also hopes to get her master’s in Healthcare Administration soon after. “After completing [my] bachelor’s and master’s[degrees] I hope to work in a hospital setting.”

Accomplishments – Mariam has made the Dean’s List, was accepted into the Honors Program and is president of the Muslim Student Association. 

Aryana Velez HCA ‘22

Aryana Velez is very passionate about helping people and making a difference. This desire to help others is what prompted her to choose a degree within the field of healthcare administration. 

“This major has helped me grow as an individual and has provided me with many valuable lessons. When looking back at my experience in Caldwell University, in my courses, I see that this is an institution that is  also focused on teaching students to become future professionals providing high quality and efficient healthcare services.” Aryana is honored that she will be continuing her education as a master’s student post graduation.

Healthcare Administration has helped Aryana grow as an individual. “Professors like Professor Egnatovich have truly allowed me to expand my thought processes and critical thinking techniques by always challenging me as a student to think like a healthcare professional. I am eager to further my education within Healthcare Administration.” 

Aryana is the former vice president of the Kappa Beta Gamma International Sorority. In 2019 she was president of the Healthcare Administration Club. She was able to apply much of what she learned as a student in a leadership role in helping club members create successful events and meetings. “I was also chosen as a representative for the Healthcare Administration Program in school wide events such as Open House events and Accepted Students Days speaking to students about my experience in the Healthcare Administration program and answering any necessary questions.  

Aryana is eager to have firsthand experience within healthcare administration. “The healthcare community has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The moment I knew that I wanted to be in healthcare was when my younger sister was born micro prematurely at only 14 ounces with the odds of life not on her side. Seeing the healthcare workers at every point in her journey provide such compassionate, high-quality care is an aspect that left a lasting impression on me to follow a career in healthcare in whichever manner I can.” 

Aryana has completed two internships–at Concentra as a healthcare operations intern and at  Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center as a volunteer resource intern. “That has taught me about several components of the healthcare systems and an executive’s role in managing day to day processes.” Aryana works two jobs–as  a receptionist at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center and a crew member of Signature Fitness gym. “I am also currently beginning the MBA program for Caldwell University as well as wrapping up my undergrad career. As busy as my schedule may seem, to me, as a student, it is all about time management and ensuring that there is time to work, have a social life, relax, and get school work done. I am very interested in after graduation learning more about the human resources division of healthcare administration, specifically diversity and inclusion, but [I am] open to any opportunity.”

Accomplishments: Aryana has a 3.7 Career GPA. She made the Dean’s List from 2019 to the present and she is a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society.

Rhode Jeanniton HCA ‘22

Rhode Jeanninton Health administration student

As a Healthcare Administration major, Rhode Jeanniton has had the chance to grow professionally. “I’m currently working as an intern at a home care agency and I have applied a lot of things which I learned in class at work.”

After graduation, Rhode’s goal is to find a career as a healthcare manager or anything related with administration in healthcare. “I’m planning on pursuing my education by getting my master’s in Business Administration with concentration in healthcare.” She admits it will be difficult to work and study at the same time but it is not impossible. “I will keep working and studying because my goal is to become a hospital’s CEO one day.”

Accomplishments: Rhode has made the Dean’s  List multiple times.  She is secretary of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), has received class rank recognition and has  been involved in multiple leadership positions. Rhode is currently president of the Dance Team. 

Gabrielle Oliveira HCA ‘22

Gabi Oliveira is a Healthcare Administration major and English minor at Caldwell. “I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare but never knew in what role. I’ve tried patient care before, as an optometric tech and an ER scribe, but quickly I realized I preferred the business end of the job instead.” Being a part of the HCA program has taught Gabi many things, most importantly to grow out of her introverted shell.

In fall of 2021 Gabi took on the position of President of the Healthcare Administration club. “As someone who is very introverted, this was a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve grown to love planning and hosting different events on campus, as well as working with my E-Board.“

Gabi has completed two internships during her junior and senior years, one as a patient coordinator for JAG-ONE physical therapy, and one currently as an office coordinator for Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. “Ever since my sophomore year at Caldwell, I’ve had my eye on this MSK internship. I was so ecstatic once I received my offer letter. It’s a huge hospital with endless opportunities, and I hope to start my career in healthcare administration with them after graduation.” 

Gabi attributes her growth and success throughout her undergraduate career to her professor and advisor, Jeffrey Egnatovich. “Professor Egnatovich really made an impact on me, he pushed me in all his classes and he was a great advisor.”

Gabi has recently been accepted into New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. “NYU was always a dream of mine that I was too scared to pursue in high school. I cried when I got my letter of acceptance. They even awarded me with their MHA scholarship!” Gabi hopes to continue her education for her master’s while working for Memorial Sloan Kettering. After that, she may pursue her Ph.D.  Her goal is to make it to a director’s role and maybe even one day become a hospital CEO.

Accomplishments: Gabi is a part of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, president of the Healthcare Administration Club, secretary of the Student Government Association and Greek Life Council, and she has made Dean’s List from 2020 to present.

Lundia Josue HCA ‘23

Lundia Josue Health administration student

Lundia Josue first started her college career off as a nursing major, but after her first two years, she realized that it just wasn’t for her. “I knew I wanted to work in healthcare so I needed to figure out what my next step would be. After doing some research on other majors that were available here at Caldwell, I felt as though healthcare administration would be a better fit for me.”

Luckily, this proved to be true. “Professor Egnatovich has really supported me and advised me through the transition. He continuously motivates me and pushes me to work even harder. He also encourages me to continue my education and to think big. His classes have helped strengthen my critical thinking and application skills as well as my communication skills.”

Lundia is currently a part of the Black Student Union and holds the position of event coordinator on the E-board.

After graduating Lundia plans to continue her education and work towards a master’s degree. “With my degree, I want to work in the human resources department of a healthcare facility, specifically a hospital.” Her goal is to start off as an HR generalist and make her way up to HR manager and one day, chief human resources officer.

Accomplishments: Lundia was nominated and inducted into the NSLS her sophomore year. She has also made the Dean’s List a couple of times.

-Gabrielle Oliveira ‘22