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Mueller Gallery Directions & Map



The Mueller Gallery and Caldwell’s  Art Dept. are located in the Student Center Building (#4 on campus map) .  When coming in the main entrance on Bloomfield Ave, turn right at the first stop sign and follow the ring road around to the right until you see the large parking area on the right below the tennis courts.

If not dropping off, park in any unmarked space.

If dropping off, continue past the  tennis courts to the next building on your right.  At the top of the rise you will be at the Student Center Visceglia Wing and near 3 handicap parking spaces. There are two entrances. The entrance nearest the Mueller Gallery is the one to the right of the loading dock.  The entrance to the Art Department is to the right (part of a glass-walled corridor).

Finding the Mueller Gallery: Inside the entrance, turn left up a short set of stairs, and through the double doors at the landing. The Gallery is on the right.

Finding the Art Department studios and faculty offices. Enter the Student Center by the glass-walled corridor entrance. Turn right and then left through the double-doors.  Kendall Baker (Gallery Director) office is #4131, first one on the right.   Doors have chains  to hold them open if needed. These are fastened to the mullions on the outside.

Level Handicap entrance to Mueller Gallery: Use the Student Center entrance in the plaza across from the Newman Center- Gymnasium (#9 on map).  Enter and go to straight to the rear of the Hall of Flags. Turn right and use the ramp to the Gallery on your left.

Handicapped Parking Area: Use small lot near building entrance. Level wheelchair access entrance is adjacent to Entrance #4 near the loading dock.

Drop-off Parking: For a brief drop off (15 mins) you may park to the right of the loading dock near the handicap parking area outside Entrance #4.  Do not block the loading dock in any way.   Leave your flashers on.  The door has an automatic opener if needed. These are fastened to the mullions on the outside.

Parking for  longer than 15 mins:   Please use the large parking area below the tennis courts.  Avoid parking in areas that are marked in any way ie. staff/faculty.

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