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Ellen Pietsch


Ellen Pietsch creates mixed media works that revolve around the abstract idea of home. She draws from her life experiences as a young adult and her ever-changing wandering lifestyle during college. Due to her own life experience, Pietsch has grown an interest in how occupied space evolves over time. Pietsch uses abstraction to visualize various changing living situations and spaces to express the idea of where home is found. This idea of interest is both relatable and ongoing no matter what stage of life we are in.

Pietsch uses repetition, a muted color palette, and repeated circular motifs that reflect nature. Pietsch’s process of creating starts with playing with the relationship between building and deconstruction. Tearing back what has already been created and building up ideas that were once lost is important to Pietsch, as it gives a new meaning and outlook to her artistic process. “I make art with no direct intention of how it will look when finished. I make work to give new intention and purpose to the ones functional.”