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Caldwell, N.J., – March 18, 2016 – Doctoral education students in the Global Education and Leadership course are studying education systems outside of the United States. Thanks to the high definition video conferencing service Vidyo, they recently had the opportunity to hear firsthand from two women from Kabul, Afghanistan who were part of a junior faculty development program at Indiana University.

Dr. Joanne Jasmine , professor of education, commented about the authenticity in hearing firsthand experiences and Vidyo’s first rate technology in providing that service. “Having speakers who attended school in various parts of the world gives students a better understanding of what occurs abroad and allows for actual comparison.”

The students were impressed with the experience and the technological innovations. “Being able to see and hear them as if they were with us was awesome, and I know it was made possible because of the technological advancements we have now , “ said doctoral student Vanessa Cirillo.

“Listening to the experiences of the two Afghani educators about the oppression and poverty they endured was emotional for our doctoral students,” says Dr. Jasmine.

Dan Cullen, a doctoral student and an army veteran who served in Afghanistan, was particularly moved. “Knowing that the work done in Afghanistan by the United States Armed forces aided in the liberation lending specifically to and impacting education for women is incredible. The presentation brought tears to my eyes. ” Cullen is principal at the Alpha Public Elementary and Middle School in Warren County. The presentation gave him pause and a chance to put things in perspective. “We can take the educational process for granted,” he said.

In addition, Caldwell University faculty and Director of Graduate Studies, Ellina Chernobilsky, a native of Russia, and Director of Online Education Soheila Kobler, who grew up in Iran and was educated in Iran and England, shared their experiences. Dr. Barbara Trueger, a former school teacher, discussed her experiences in studying education in South Africa.

Don O’Hagan, Caldwell University’s chief information officer, said VIDYO is the latest example of real time, social technologies that are transforming learning, “These tools enable knowledge to be shared in exciting new ways that not only connect students to each other, but also to the world.”

High definition video conferencing service is one element of a comprehensive, university-wide technology improvement effort that began in 2013. To date, project achievements include: a new state-of-the-art data center, expanded WIFI access, mobile device charging stations, campus digital display boards, cloud based services, enhanced network topology, and tightened data security. Ongoing upgrade plans are expected to further enhance university operations and the student experience.