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Prof. Nair Also Receives “Excellence in Education Award”

Caldwell, N.J., Feb. 25, 2021 –   2021 will be a “reset year” for human resource management in many ways due to the upset from COVID-19 that caused “monumental shifts in how we work, where we work, and the technologies we use to stay connected,” says Assistant Professor of Business Ranjit Nair in a recent online interview for Zippia a career and job seeing website.  These changes “will reshape the human resource function and escalate its role within organizations,” says Nair.

To meet the current needs Caldwell University’s School of Business and Computer Science offers pathways for certification in organizational leadership and management for traditional and adult undergraduate and graduate students to benefit new professionals and those who are already in the field. 

Students graduating will find that entry-level people analytics positions are “mushrooming in the modern workplace,” says Nair who teaches a number of business courses including Human Resource Management, Strategic Human Resource Management and Leadership Skill Development.  

 “New undergraduates with good spreadsheet analysis skills who know how to present trends and information meaningfully are already in high demand.”

He advises job seekers to have certifications in the statistical programming languages R or Python and says “leadership skills and credentials will be even more coveted.”  In addition, “agile technologies and processes will be highly sought credentials for many HR jobs as well as certifications or expertise in virtual reality.” Nair urges human resources professionals “to step up their data analytics capabilities by offering just-in-time and predictive insights from retention of key personnel to performance management to the engagement levels of critical senior leaders.”  

Read the entire article with Prof. Nair here. 

Nair was recently selected for the Global Forum for Education and Learning’s “Excellence in Education Award” to be presented at GFEL USA 2020-21 in April. He was awarded based on the parameters of Overall Reach, Industry Impact, Spirit of Innovation, Future Readiness, and Market Demand. As described by the GFEL awards committee, “GFEL primarily comprises achievers from the industry whom we recognize for their contributions and provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst this elite group of high performing individuals and companies.”

Nair has published articles on emerging competencies and the changing workplace and is author of the book “Potluck Culture: Five Strategies to Engage the Modern Workplace.”