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Claire Sacuk Matlon
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Major: Biology/Minor: Chemistry

Employer: Retired from Honeywell

Job Title: Manager, Transportation Safety and Compliance

In our ongoing series of My Caldwell Success Story, we want to hear all about our alumni and their success stories. We asked Claire the following questions regarding her professional accomplishments and life after Caldwell. Below Claire answers our questions and shares her own Caldwell Success Story…

Tell us about your professional accomplishments and life after Caldwell.

I was fortunate to have a 36-year career with AlliedSignal/Honeywell, beginning in a laboratory role and ending with having global responsibility for safe transportation of hazardous materials. My major in Biology and Chemistry minor served me well in the many roles I had while working. A large portion of my career was spent in product stewardship. The team enabled the use of new chemicals invented for replacing ozone depleting CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) with more environmentally acceptable HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons) and HFOs (Hydrofluoroolefins) used in air-conditioning, refrigeration and insulating materials used today. I worked closely with the US EPA for regulatory approval and with customers to educate and transition them to the new technology. I worked collaboratively with IT to ensure our safety data sheets, labels, shipping documents and packaging were connected with our enterprise system. Transportation safety involved organization of internal experts, emergency responders and logistics vendors in the event of a spill or accident with our products. I was happy my technical, scientific knowledge was put to use throughout my professional life.

How did your Caldwell experience help transform your life or your career?

My Caldwell education gave me a terrific basis for launching into my career. Not only were my major subjects important, but also the “arts” were as useful. Courses in history, literature, religion, and philosophy become more critical as we grow as a person. A strong foundation in faith and ethics has kept me grounded throughout.

Do you have a favorite Caldwell professor, mentor, or class that really impacted your life or path? Do you have a favorite or meaningful experience from your time at Caldwell? Tell us!

Dr. Beatrice Adler was probably my favorite professor and taught many of my biology courses. She was so smart, but also kind to everyone. Her sayings, such as “get your heads out of the clouds” made everyone laugh, but you knew to pay attention. She astounded our general biology class with the details of HIV, which was very new at the time. I sure appreciated her transparency and knowledge as I’m sure everyone else did as well. I also very much liked all the science department professors. I will also give a shout out to Dr. Colette Lindroth and Dr. Marie Mullaney for making Literature and History interesting and, for me, surprisingly enjoyable. I would be remiss if I did not say that my experience playing basketball for 4 years was certainly a highlight. I was so thrilled to continue playing ball beyond high school. For being the first player to score 1000 points in my Caldwell basketball career, I was honored to be a member of the first class of inductees in the Caldwell University Hall of Fame.