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Dominican Timeline

The Sisters of St Dominic Move to Caldwell

The founding prioress, Mother Catharine Muth, brought the sick of the community and soon the novices to Caldwell, a place known for a climate that aided in the cure of the disease.  Construction of the convent that is now the motherhouse began in 1893.  In 1912, the congregation formally established its motherhouse in Caldwell.

Dominican Timeline

Dominican Sisters Head to America

In 1853, four nuns from Regensburg took ship for America, to provide Catholic education for the children of the many German immigrants who had preceded them to the New World. Landing in New York late in August of that year, they found a home in Brooklyn and opened school in September. From the work of these four women, there eventually grew an even dozen congregations of Dominican sisters in the United States, one of which is ours.

Dominican Timeline

The Founding of the Dominican Order

Order of Preachers, more commonly known after the 15th century as the Dominican Order or Dominicans, a Roman Catholic religious order founded by the Spanish priest Saint Dominic de Guzman in France, and approved by Pope Honorius III (1216–27) on 22 December 1216.