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Caldwell, NJ – January 30, 2013 – Caldwell University students, faculty, alumni and staff traveled to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 25 for the annual March for Life trip to witness for the unborn. The group joined the record-breaking 500,000 to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.

Amy Ondrejack, co-president of Caldwell’s Students for Life club, was attending the march for the third time. “Every march is special and memorable,” she said. “The most memorable moment from this year’s march was coming together with my peers in the freezing cold weather to stand for a cause we believe in so much.”

Lindsay Hulin is co-president and a junior. “Every year I continue to be absolutely amazed at the growing numbers of people from all different walks of life, the majority of whom are young people from high schools and universities, coming together to peacefully witness for the unborn and for the women and men affected by abortion. It is a spectacular sight for anyone to see, and it is incredible to be a part of such a gathering,” she said.

Rosie Burke, a junior, said she attends “for the babies, because they are our future” and our country’s greatest asset. “I attend the march whenever I can because I feel that as a young woman living with cerebral palsy, it is my obligation to be a voice for the unborn because almost half of the children who are aborted are aborted by their mothers because of the possibility of disability, and the mothers feel that they would not be able to care for such children. I feel that my life is an example of success that people with disabilities can look up to and young mothers who have doubts about the future of their children.”

Melissa Brady, a junior and club treasurer, was moved by the post-abortive women who are now defenders of life. “My most memorable moment from this year’s March for Life was when women who have had abortions in the past stand up and hold signs that say ‘I regret my abortion.’ I read one woman’s sign as I was marching, and when I made eye contact with her, I could tell that she truly regretted her abortion and was willing to share her experience with others. For me, I am always truly inspired to see these women.”

Alexandria Pascucci, a graduate student, said seeing the sea of people walking and knowing there are so many supporters of life gave her hope. “Even though I was just one person in a crowd of 500,000, it made me realize that my one voice could possibly save a child’s life, and there is no greater feeling in the world.” Her sister, Melissa Pascucci, a sophomore, agreed. “I attend the March for Life because it is my chance to speak up for the unborn. It is important to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

Laura Schreiber, a graduate student, was attending for the first time. “It gives me hope that the pro-life movement is actually making a difference despite what you may hear on the news and from people around you. Even if abortion is still legal, we, as young people, may make an impact where more women aren’t as quick to get abortions.”

Hulin and Ondrejack attended the Students for Life of America national conference the day after the march, and they agreed it was an unforgettable experience. “I had the opportunity to listen to so many inspiring speakers share why the pro-life movement is important to them and have them teach me ways to stand up for what I believe in,” Ondrejack said.

For the second year in a row, the Caldwell group teamed up with Our Lady of the Mountains Council 3533 of the Knights of Columbus in Livingston, N.J. Brady said the students were grateful for the support they received from community organizations, which included the Livingston Knights, Essex County Right to Life, the Roseland Rosary Group and others in the community. “I truly enjoyed helping to organize the March for Life this year. As the treasurer, I noted how fortunate and lucky the Students for Life Club is to have received so many generous donations.”

Ondrejack voiced the sentiments of the group. “We work hard year round to promote life and help the movement in any way we can, but the unity felt at the March for Life when everyone comes together makes all of the hard work worthwhile.”