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On April 7, the Facility Operations and Event Management class at Caldwell University hosted the Caldwell 3v3 Basketbrawl, a fundraising event to benefit the  Center for Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis on the university’s campus.

The university’s students, as well as staff, came out and enjoyed an afternoon of friendly competition with their peers. Competing to raise awareness and donations for the Center, students broke into teams of ten for a round robin schedule. Sponsored by Jimmy John’s, Forte and Calandra’s, the attendees were served a plethora of dining options while watching the game.

With April being Autism Awareness month, our goals were to help educate our community about autism and interact with our neighbors on campus. After hosting this event, we hope that we will work with the ABA Center in the near future.

The Business Division at Caldwell University was happy to host the Caldwell 3v3 Basketbrawl fundraiser with the help of the Sports Management Club and the Office of Student Life. This event allowed Caldwell’s students to apply the concepts that we have learned and pull off an event that met the mission of the university and the course. The Sports Management Club and the Facility Operations and Event Management class would like to extend a thank you to the entire campus, our sponsors, and the Caldwell community.