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Thesis Title: Vivid Haze

This series of artworks explores the tension between bright colorful childlike imagery along with darker themes. Many works illustrate different emotions through both the subject matter and designs. The artwork represents the chaos emotion can bring, and how it can be a haze that clouds one’s vision. The tension created relates to the uncanny, and is meant to have the viewer question their own emotional reaction to the artwork.

Most of the artworks are mixed media acrylic paints on canvas. There is a use of found items such as pins, buttons, glitter, slime, and ribbon. There is also a use of resin to make embellishments pasted onto some of the artworks. There are 3D elements present in some of the smaller canvases including clay. These pieces take on an abstracted form inspired by Japanese anime style artists like Chiho Aoshima. Movement is also a key principle in the artwork, as there is a use of jagged and repeated lines to create a sense of movement in the pieces. Texture is another important element, as the pieces feature a variety of textures.

The Self-Portrait encapsulates my emotions and personality as an artist. Iit uses many basic art mediums to appear to be like a child’s drawing that would be hung on a fridge. This piece uses similar techniques and elements to all the other pieces to create a summary of my own identity as an artist. As an artist interested in art therapy, the process of artwork is something that I highlight the importance of in my own work. Being present in the art process can lead to self discovery. Creating art can provide an outlet for emotions to surface and be expressed. The title Vivid Haze can relate to both the colorful artwork and the idea of being clouded and consumed by one’s emotions. Art can have an emotional impact on us all.