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Dr. Tony Annan, CU Finance professor, with Kanchan Sharma, senior, a double major in Financial Economics and History
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Caldwell University’s School of Business and Computer Science recently launched the Bloomberg Finance Lab, complete with Bloomberg Terminals, business student workstations, and an active stock ticker. 

Research and analytics indicate that business is at the top of the list of majors chosen by undergraduates. Business, as a major, has seen a 27% jump in market share during the last five years. Caldwell is seeing a concomitant increase in applications for the business administration major, which is seeing growth of 50.7%.  

As part of its commitment to expanding the business program, Caldwell University made the strategic decision to establish the Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab. Equipped with Bloomberg Terminals that feature the same technology used by leading business professionals across the globe, this lab provides students with real-time and historical data, market moving news, and analytics. In addition, the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) includes features for building portfolios, benchmarking fund performance, and conducting portfolio attribution analysis. Through the Bloomberg Market Concepts Program (BMC), students can enroll in a self-paced e-learning course on currencies, economic indicators, equities and fixed income. This certification demonstrates to potential employers that students have acquired the essential economic and financial proficiencies that are requisite in today’s technology and data-oriented workplaces.  

“One of the most important things we can teach our students is how to access excellent, reliable information, how to analyze that information, and very importantly, how to interpret that information and tell the story,” said School of Business and Computer Science faculty chair Virginia Rich. 

Assistant Professor of Finance Anthony Annan said he sees his students–even those without a finance background–suddenly “showing a lot of interest in finance because they can see in real time how some decisions can be made.”

We are excited to announce sponsorship opportunities so that Caldwell alumni, local businesses, and other Cougar fans can play a key role in helping this exciting new campus offering grow. The Bloomberg Finance Lab not only provides an amazing learning opportunity to our students, but it will help us to attract the next generation of Caldwell Cougars. 

For more information about Bloomberg sponsorships, contact Development and Alumni Affairs at 973-618-3447.

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