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Although this show began as a way to showcase and celebrate the most valued people in my life, a way to humbly brag about the luxury I have of knowing them, somewhere along the way, this exhibition became just as much about the artist as the subject matter. Spectrum refers to my own spectrum of identity formed at the creative hands of my family and friends displayed here.

There exists a theory in psychology, which prescribes that we adopt the habits and echo the characteristics of the four people with whom we spend the most time with. My show Spectrum expands upon this theory of human proximity and depicts these four people as well as how they defined crucial aspects of my life and contributed to the artist standing before you. My exhibition includes four pieces depicting these individuals in addition to the ideologies they embody, involving beauty, knowledge, love, and peace. I continue to approach this topic through a Surrealist lens while utilizing thoughtful color gradation, intense shadows, in conjunction with challenging dynamic compositions.