Honors Program



The purpose of the Caldwell Honors Program is to create an academic environment that encourages Honors students to develop critical thinking in the application of knowledge.

The Honors Program is designed to foster leadership, self-confidence, and greater respect for humanity. Participation in the Honors Program supports undergraduates as future graduate students and working professionals.

The program is committed to interdisciplinary, multiple perspectives and embraces diversity as a foundation of an intelligent, literate, and democratic society. We value the liberal arts and Dominican traditions.

Students who meet the requirements—full-time status, a 3.5 G.P.A. and at least three more semesters before graduation —are welcome to print out the application form and to apply anytime.

Students who are currently enrolled in the Honors Program must regularly check their email for Honors Program updates and remain active in the program. Emails from the co-Directors are the primary way we contact you and provide you with important information about meetings, events, opportunities, and Honors Seminars.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact either one of the co-directors: Dr. Tara Harney-Mahajan at tharney@caldwell.edu or Dr. Jón G. Sigurjónsson at jsigurjonsson@caldwell.edu

Best Wishes,

Dr. Tara Harney-Mahajan and Dr. Jón G. Sigurjónsson
Caldwell Honors Program
Caldwell University
120 Bloomfield Avenue
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