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Health Profession Programs



The Health Professions Program at Caldwell University assists students and alumni of Caldwell who are seeking admission into a health profession school. We maintain student files, assist with applications, and provide information on various schools, programs, and professions.

Undergraduate students interested in a health profession typically major in biology, chemistry, or health sciences. Students typically complete a four-year degree before admission into a professional school, but students may also enter a professional school after three years if they meet the requirements of one of our health profession affiliation programs.

Students who have already completed their undergraduate degree (at Caldwell or at another institution) and need additional coursework to apply to professional school can take those courses as part of our Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program.

For more information:

William A. Velhagen, Jr., Ph. D.

Premedical Advisor and Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Natural and Physical Sciences