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Health Profession Programs



Health Profession Programs

Caldwell University offers several different programs for students interested in a career in health care.  In our four-year professional programs in nursing, in healthcare administration, and in public health education, students are directly prepared for specific professions.  In our pre-professional programs, students are prepared to enter a graduate-level professional school (i.e. schools of medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, etc.).  

Professional Programs

Pre-professional Programs

Pre-professional undergraduate students typically major in biology, chemistry, or health sciences; these majors are administered by the Department of Natural and Physical Sciences.  

These undergraduate majors were designed to be completed in four years.  Most pre-professional students complete their undergraduate degree before applying to a professional school.

  • One option for undergraduates are combined programs in medicine, veterinary medicine, optometery, physical therapy and more with schools like Columbia University, Rutgers University, St. George’s Medical College and more.  See a complete list of Health Professions Affiliation Programs.
  • For students who have completed their undergraduate degree – Pre-Med Post Bac Program.

Here is a list of just a few of the health profession schools to which our students have been accepted.

For additional information, contact Prof. William Velhagen, Pre-professional Advisor.