Department of Modern Languages

Our dedicated and creative professors share a commitment to excellence in teaching French, Spanish, Italian, and American Sign Language. We prepare our students to participate in a global world by providing them with proficiency in these four languages, as well as an in-depth study of literature, history, fine arts, social and business practices. Our graduates have careers in business, education, translation, cultural organizations, healthcare, law enforcement, social services, tourism, and communications.

Our students develop critical thinking needed to explore other cultures, historical periods, and what makes them relevant today.

Here you will find further information on the variety of courses offered, what is needed to graduate with a major or minor, opportunities for study abroad, department news, and different resources.

Long Distance Learning Program

The Department of Modern Languages has an established and successful Long Distance Learning Program. The majority of our students work full time and our flexible schedule allows them to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree at their own pace. Long Distance Learning Students have the option to sit in on any of our on campus courses and are welcome to use our language lab which runs the popular Rosetta Stone software. Professors are closely involved in the course selection and advisement of students. All our professors are accessible to students on campus and through email.

Majors, Minors, Courses


Minor in French


B.A. in Spanish

Minor in Spanish


Minor in Italian