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Caldwell, N.J., May 5, 2021 – – Podcasts have become all the rage, and Caldwell University is responding to the increasing popularity by launching a podcast certificate program for members of the community and students.

Rachel Carey, chair of Caldwell’s Communication and Media Studies Department, says podcasting is a creative outlet and a great way for people to build their brands or businesses.  “The department is thrilled to be launching a program where we can invite members of the community to study alongside our students in hands-on, studio-based coursework so they can acquire skills to become effective podcasters.”

Communication and Media Studies Professor Bob Mann, a veteran broadcaster, is spearheading the program. Mann, host of the podcast “Hot Media with Bob Mann” and a former Sirius XM radio host, says people have different motivations for launching a podcast including “a desire to monetize their production, market a product, spread the word about something they are passionate about, build community around an issue, be discovered for performance work in broadcasting or just develop a fascinating hobby.”

Mann developed the program after seeing an exponential growth in podcasting. He points out that there are reportedly nearly 2 million podcasts on Apple Podcasts alone, and he looks forward to incorporating the book “So You Want to Start a Podcast” by podcaster Kristen Meinzer into the course.

The program will launch in fall 2021, and over the course of one year students can take four three-credit courses offered in the evenings. Coursework will include performance, production, editing and publishing skills, the basics of public speaking, and radio broadcasting, as well as helpful tips on how to market and monetize a podcast. Students will work in the university’s professional radio studio and have the chance to publish a podcast by the end of the program.

The 12-credit podcasting certificate program is open to applicants with a high school diploma. Classes will generally be held in the evenings. College graduates may be able to opt out of the communication skills class if they have taken a public speaking course. 

At a reasonable cost of just $725 per credit, the complete program costs $8700 ($6525 with pre-requisite course satisfied). Financial aid and discounts may be available. 

The podcasting certificate is currently open to 14 students per semester so space is limited.

Courses will be offered at the bachelor’s level. Caldwell University students can pursue the certificate as can anyone with an earned high school diploma or equivalency. To find out more, go to