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updated 5/18, 11:30am

Late Monday afternoon there was a fire on the second floor of Mother Joseph Residence Hall. The building was immediately and safely evacuated, sprinkler systems activated, and the Caldwell Fire Department responded to the scene along with mutual aid from several other municipalities. The fire department extinguished the fire in the 2nd floor recycling area. 

Fire damage was limited to the room of origin. There is also water damage throughout the building. There were no injuries.

Students living in Mother Joseph Residence Hall have been relocated to other residence halls on campus and have been provided with necessary supplies. The health and safety of our students, staff, and all involved are our highest priorities.  

Caldwell University has been instructed to close the building at this time as the damage is being assessed. Arrangements are being made for students to access the dorm safely to retrieve personal items.

We will continue to keep the community abreast of the situation as it evolves.