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With a $5.00 donation (price of registering for class in 1939), surprise your loved ones at this year’s Commencement with a “Thank You” message for their support throughout your college years. A booklet handed out to all guests who come to share your graduation day will let your family/friends/professors know how much their support has meant to you during your time at Caldwell University.

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Deadline: Tuesday, April 23rd 2019


Eric Broderick: A deep and heartfelt thank you to my amazing parents for always encouraging me to strive for excellence. Lastly, I want to thank my three older brothers Matt, Jimmy and Bryan for paving the way here at Caldwell. Sorry guys, but I do not think I will be following you after this.
Chiara Guida: Thank you to my professors, Dr. Lori Harris-Ransom, Ann Marie Callahan, Alvin Neiman, Assunta Violante, Bonnie French, my ResLife family, and the Admissions family for also guiding me through my time here at Caldwell. Thank you for your education, support, advisement, and help for the past four years [and counting].
Kathryn Reilly: To my parents, thank you for believing I could fly where others merely waddled. None of my achievements could have been possible without your confidence and support. To my brother, thank you for always being around and reminding me how to laugh when I needed it most. To Bobby, thank you for holding my hand and keeping me grounded. To my grandparents, thank you for always listening and saying what needed to be said. To my whole family, thank you for believing in me, encouraging me, and supporting me. You are the best family a girl could dream of.
Koumudi Thirunagaru:  To CU: Thank you for being my home for the four most dynamic years of my life! I am grateful for this close-knit community that supported me, allowed me to form lifelong bonds, and became my family away from family. A huge thanks to all my professors, namely Dr. Velhagen, Dr. Berki, Dr. Zappi, Drs. Scimone, Professor Kenney, and Dr. Zafarlotfi, who worked to educate, motivate, inspire, and encourage me both in and outside the classroom …   

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and thank you for participating in the Tribute Book.

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Students who wish to pay in cash or check can see Dhandevi Deokie (ddeokie@caldwell.edu), Meghan Moran (mmoran@caldwell.edu) or Jill Sheldon (jsheldon@caldwell.edu) (Rosary Hall – Room 214). Call 973-618-3411 Dhandevi Deokie with questions or email the individuals above. Checks can be made payable to Caldwell University.

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