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Degree: Ed.D. Education Leadership, Specialization: Higher Education

 What was the best part of your experience as a graduate student at Caldwell University?

I have had the privilege of completing both my undergraduate degree as well as my doctoral degree at Caldwell University. The best part of my experience as a graduate student at Caldwell University was enhancing my practices as a professional in higher education to better serve students. In most conventional classrooms, we are taught to simply memorize material and regurgitate that material onto an exam, but that is what sets Caldwell University apart. CU provides a learning environment that helps students work together to solve problems, better serve their communities, and implicate what we have learned in practical settings of our careers. 

How is that education serving you professionally?

Having a doctoral degree will distinguish me and help me advance to the position of Director of Athletics. The Education Leadership program at Caldwell University has enhanced my critical, analytical, and statistical thinking and has sharpened my research-based skills. This doctoral program has also served the purpose of refining my leadership skills helping me ensure understanding of the internal and external factors that are factored into decision making by high ranking officials in collegiate athletics.

Who helped you get here that you want to thank? 

I want to give a very special thank you to the Education Division Chair, Dr. Kevin Barnes, my committee chair. A thank you does not describe how appreciative I am to have been on this doctoral journey with him. His guidance, encouragement, accountability, mentorship, and endless support has helped me grow as a writer, researcher, and person. I would also like to thank Dr. Nancy Blattner. She has inspired me in so many ways dating back to when I was a freshman at Caldwell in 2009. She encouraged me to begin this doctoral program and has always been an inspiration. Lastly, I want to thank my family for their endless support, guidance, and love. With their continuous support I’m able to achieve anything.

Other highlights of your time at Caldwell?

I will forever be grateful for my time as a student-athlete at Caldwell University (2009-2013). Additionally, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the young men and women who participated in intercollegiate athletics at CU from 2017-2021.

Next goals?

The sports world is  ever-changing primarily due to advancements of technologies. My goal for the future is to use my acknowledgment of these changes, along with my higher education specialization, to cater to the ever-changing population of students. Another goal of mine is to channel what I have learned about building sustainable relationships in this industry, and transfer that to motivate student-athletes, coaches, and administrators around me to achieve not only individual goals, but team, organizational, and departmental goals.