Samar Timilsina ’16

Photo of Samar Timilsina

Samar Timilsina ’16
B.S. in Computer Information Systems

Samar Timilsina, a Nepalese student who began his studies at Caldwell as a computer information system major, quickly found himself interested in political science. “The political science professor came in and that class just blew my mind.” Timilsina is also a fan of the Academic Success Center and recommends all international students take advantage of the extra help offered in the areas of English and writing skills.

The culmination of his Caldwell experience came to fruition during an interview for a summer internship at Bank of America on Wall Street. Timilsina found himself well prepared for the interview as he easily answered computer science related questions as well as a discussion about his role as a resident assistant in the dorms. He landed the summer internship and is currently employed at Bank of America as a Technology Analyst.