Justice Baskin ’19

Photo of Justice Baskin

Justice Baskin ’19
B.A. in Social Studies
B.A. in Secondary Education

Justice Baskin is looking forward to teaching social studies to high school students so they can be encouraged to become productive citizens. “I want to educate inner-city people about the need to vote,” says Baskin, who recently received his B.A. in Social Studies and a B.A. in Secondary Education from Caldwell University. Baskin believes it is imperative for young people from urban environments to become leaders.

Baskin was recognized for his own leadership skills during Caldwell University’s honors convocation. He received the C-Pin, awarded to an individual in his class who portrays the qualities of an exemplary student, and he also took second place in the Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in American History.

Justice is currently employed at the KIPP Academy in Newark, New Jersey.