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Caldwell University Students Trip to United Nations Headquarters

The Department of History and Political Science in conjunction with Office of Student Engagement and the Office of International Student Services sponsored a trip to the United Nations on Nov. 20.  Dr. Domenic Maffei, professor of political science, said students were able to tour all four chambers which is unusual because often the Trusteeship Council and Security Council chambers are closed due to meetings.  They learned firsthand how the UN works for global peace and security.  “Students on the trip hailed from over a half dozen countries, a testament to Caldwell’s commitment to cultural diversity,” explained Dr. Maffei.  They were also impressed with the international atmosphere. Though based in New York City, the UN is legally international territory with its own security and post office.  “This was evident by the array of languages and clothing styles heard and seen in the halls and lobby,” said Dr. Maffei. “Students came away with a clear understanding of the efforts that thousands of UN employees make to help forge a better world,” he said.