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Short-Term Study Abroad

Study-Abroad Students

At a glance:

  • Duration: 1-3 weeks during Spring break, Winter break, Summer break
  • Credits: May transfer up to six credits or two short term study abroad programs towards your major, core, or electives. Grades are calculated into student’s Caldwell GPA.
  • Class Standing: Must have been enrolled at Caldwell for at least one semester and at least 18 years of age.
  • Application: Must submit the Short-Term Study Abroad Application to Henrietta Genfi, Director of Advisement, located in the CARES Center, Aquinas Hall Room 104, 973-618-3589 by the published deadline.
  • Cost: In addition to the cost of the trip (varies based on program), students will pay Caldwell tuition for 1-credit and receive 3-credits.
    • Winter/Summer Programs – 1-credit tuition is based on Adult Undergraduate fees.
    • Spring Programs – 1-credit tuition is based on current semester fees.