Monica Caruso ’13 (Granada, Spain)

Monica Caruso ’13 at Granada

Name: Monica Caruso
Year of Graduation: 2013
Major(s): Spanish and Elementary Education

Where did you study abroad and with what program?

Spring Semester 2012.

Granada, Spain- Arcadia University: The College of Global Studies.

What advice do you have for Caldwell students interested in studying abroad?

Look into every program. You need to be able to do many things for yourself and take charge. It was a tiring process but well worth it. There is nothing that compares. I also highly recommend that you keep in touch with as many people as possible. People won’t be doing things for you and a lot of times you need to take the first step, whether it be sending an email or asking people to hang out. While you’re away do everything you can and have wanted to do. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll look back and see how much it really did change your life.

What was the best part of studying abroad?

It’s really impossible to sum up just 4 months with one thing. I got to experience a whole new lifestyle. I went to so many beautiful places and met many amazing people. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I had for the world. I got to learn a new language in the best and most fun way possible. I learned so much about the Spanish world, lifestyle, and myself as well.

Why do you recommend it?

Studying abroad offered me so many things Caldwell, or any other state school, couldn’t. The university was completely different. I walked everywhere and driving wasn’t an option. Walking was part of the lifestyle and was a great socializing event. I loved everything about my classes and my teachers were amazing. It was a great experience that very few of them spoke English as well. Studying abroad really opened my eyes to all that is out there.