Katherine Lazoritz ’14 (Wroxton, England)

Katherine Lazoritz  During Semester Study in England

Name: Katherine Lazoritz
Year of Graduation: Spring 2014
Major(s): Communications and Business Administration

Where you study abroad and with what program?

Spring Semester 2013

Wroxton, England—Wroxton College

What advice do you have for Caldwell students interested in studying abroad?

Do it! Going abroad, especially for an extended period of time, allows you to really learn about their culture and lifestyle. You meet so many interesting people and discover differences between countries that you would never even think of. Make sure you plan out what you really want to see beforehand and do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the bigger the risk of not getting to see something you wanted to. I was there for four months and still didn’t get a chance to see everything I had wanted to. Most importantly, enjoy every moment of the trip! It will be over before you know it, but it’s the most amazing experience.

What was the best part of studying abroad?

One of the best parts of this experience was the location. Wroxton is in more of a country setting and you get to stay in the most amazing place that has so much history. I felt like I was living the life of a character on Downton Abbey! The abbey has over 50 acres of land so it’s very peaceful to just walk the grounds and relax after a stressful day. It’s also only an hour train ride from London, so the location is ideal. Another great part of studying abroad is that traveling to other countries is easy and cheap. We had a free weekend so my friends and I planned a trip to Budapest and it was awesome! They also give you a spring break and let you travel anywhere you want. Take advantage of this! I had always wanted to go to Croatia and I took this as the opportune time to visit Bosnia and Croatia during my break.

Why do you recommend it?

I definitely recommend studying abroad because you learn so much from the experience, both academically and personally. This program was great because they planned weekend trips to take us to see different sites around England. We even got to take full weekend trips to London, Edinburgh, and Paris. Although we got to experience all of this, the academic portion of the trip was very intense. You will be doing a lot of work for classes and you have to prioritize your time so that everything gets done and you can still enjoy yourself. Even with the workload, this was the most rewarding experience that I will always remember!