Diana Lopez ’13 (Washington D.C.)


Name: Diana Lopez (a.k.a Hazel)
Year of Graduation: May 2013
Major(s): Social Studies and Elementary Education

Where did you study abroad and with what program?

Fall Semester 2012.

Washington D.C. at American University

What advice do you have for Caldwell students interested in studying abroad?

 Do not let the cost hold you back. Think of it as a long term benefit. Some students look at it as a transition period, a break, while I took it as a doorway into life after my graduation. Do your research, attend meetings, look at all the different programs. Take into consideration what classes the program will offer you that will still count for the credits you may still need here at Caldwell. Lastly stay calm, and on top of everything print, make copies, there is a lot of small things that can impact your experience in a major way if you do not remain organized.

 What was the best part of studying abroad?

 There have honestly been so many great aspects I cannot sum it up into just one. I have learned so much about myself, different cultures, ideas, and most of all learned to appreciate the opportunities Caldwell has lead me into. The best part of the abroad program itself would have to be the amount of connections I have made. I have met, and received more business cards than I ever knew existed. I have learned that the school you attend doesn’t always define if the education you are receiving is better than those going to well-known elite schools. In the long run what will open your doors is the ambition that future employers will be able to see through your resume and references.

 Why do you recommend it?

I believe that taking part in a semester abroad has not only made me appreciate the education I have already received, but it has helped me look at what I want to do after I graduate. There are so many opportunities that I did not know about. Many times we tend to just focus on the idea that we must attend graduate school, or find a job right after graduation. This program helped me see that taking time to invest in trying many different things before entering the “real world” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many important government officials, and people of higher power have had more than five jobs in order to get to their overall goal that they realized during the time they were in college.