Courtney Wilson ’13 (Segovia, Spain)


Name: Courtney Wilson
Year of Graduation: May 2013
Major(s): Spanish and Elementary Education with a certification in Special Education

Where did you study abroad and with what program?

Fall Semester 2012.

Segovia, Spain at Centro de Estudios Hispanicos de Segovia through Bethel University

What advice do you have for Caldwell students interested in studying abroad?

The advice I would give to Caldwell students about studying abroad is if you have the opportunity DO IT! I have learned so much about the Spanish culture, the language and life in Spain that I never would have known had I not gone. It is also a really amazing opportunity to learn about yourself and meet new people. With this program in particular I have had the chance to meet people from a different part of the United States and that in itself was a great opportunity. I have met and made some great friends that I will always be able to share this experience with. Studying abroad is an experience that I will forever cherish and be grateful for everything it has taught me.

What was the best part of studying abroad?

The best part if studying abroad for me was learning about a different way of life and expanding my point of view on many things. This program gave me the opportunity to see many cities in Spain for example, Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Salamanca, Sevilla, and Granada, just to name a few! I also enjoyed this aspect of the program.

Why do you recommend it?

This opportunity has been one of the greatest experiences in my life and I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone wanting to really learn and understand the life and culture of Spain!