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For Faculty

Faculty-led Study Abroad

Study abroad is a great opportunity for students to be able to immerse themselves in a new culture; while integrating course material into a culturally enriching learning abroad experience. Study abroad is imperative to the mission and the strategic plan of the University. The purpose of faculty-led trips is to enhance the students’ classroom experience and highlight the importance of diversity and globalization.

Faculty-led programs should follow the protocol and timeline as listed below.


Submit Proposal 12-18 months prior to trip
Submit itinerary and budget 9-11 months prior to trip
Marketing and promotional efforts 9-12 months prior to trip
Information Sessions 3-9 months prior to trip
Student Applications 3-6 months prior to trip
Trip Orientation 1-2 months prior to trip

Please review the detailed faculty-led trip protocol here

If you are interested in leading a study abroad trip, please make sure to fill out the following trip proposal here and submit it to Jhoanna Oliva-Marquez at jmarquez@caldwell.edu